What’s your flavor?

Wrote a tweet the other day (follow me @LoveDoctorIsIn) asking you to consider what flavor of sex you’re having and I thought I’d follow up on it here in case there were any questions. I was reading a book about relationships and the author told a story where a client of theirs complained about having ‘vanilla sex’ all the time. As I thought about it, this client was on to something more than they realized.

When I think about flavors, I think about ice cream. I can’t think of another food that has as much of a variety of flavors. The best thing about ice cream is, regardless of what flavor of ice cream you get you’re probably going to like it (with a few exceptions of course). Not everyone tries new flavors, though. Some people find their favorite ice cream and stick to it. They get the same flavor from the same brand and perhaps at the same store whenever they want ice cream. Others like a little more variety and like to experience all the different flavors. Sometimes they get disappointed and find a flavor they don’t like but they at least enjoy the experience of trying something new.

The correlations with sex are astounding. Some people only try the same flavor of sex at the same place and same time and that’s good for them. Unfortunately, this leads to a pretty ‘vanilla’ sex life. Don’t get me wrong, vanilla is good. You can’t go wrong with vanilla. But there’s a reason they make different flavors. For example, there’s special occasions like birthday parties or special nights out where you have to try a different ice cream in order to get the full experience. What flavor of sex is your favorite? Do you like something sweet like strawberry, something smooth like vanilla or maybe even something a little more rough like rocky road? There’s tons of flavors and some people even like to make their own. Use this post an opportunity to label the flavor of the sex you’re having and maybe try a different flavor. You can’t have vanilla all the time or you’ll just get bored. When sex becomes boring usually so does your relationship. Just like ice cream you’ll usually like the flavor you try. And if you don’t, think of all the different flavors you can try.

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