Unique Reasons to Thank your Mother This Mother’s Day

Unique Reasons to Thank your Mother This Mother’s Day

It’s almost Mother’s Day. So this week on The Rx we’re dedicating posts to mothers and the great things they do. Last week, we ran a post on gift ideas for Mother’s Day to help you get started on gift buying. Don’t forget to check it out to help get your brain going on some gifts that she’ll love. We’ll run another one for last minute gift ideas towards the end of the week for all you procrastinators.

To start the week off, we’ll highlight some of the great things about moms and what they do for their husbands and children that is irreplaceable. And in case you’re wondering, this doesn’t mean we’re going to be hating on fathers. Fathers are equally as important as mothers and play equally as major of  a major role in their families lives. There is a lot of research on that distinguishes the positive things mothers do v. what fathers do so we’ll highlight what some of those great things are – without the psychobabble of course.

Great Things Moms Do For Their Children

Looking back to your childhood, you can probably see some of the great things your mother did and appreciate them. For example, your mother was probably influential in teaching you to wash your hands before meals, saying sorry to your siblings when you hurt their feelings and helping you with homework when you needed it. You don’t need research to tell you how great your mom was for doing this. But did you know that moms are more influential in helping their children learn good eating habits? And did you also know that Mothers are more influential in helping their sons learn good behavior? Yep, it’s true. And these are just some of the many things research shows mothers are more important in helping their children with.

Moms Help Children Learn Good Eating Habits 

Remember your mother nagging you to eat your vegetables, finish your food, and to not eat too much junk food. Well, research shows that’s something unique to mothers. A study by Robin Drucker, MD and her colleagues show that mothers who prompted their children more to eat their food, eat healthily and not overeat, actually had children who ate their food, ate more healthily and didn’t overeat. So all that nagging your mother did for you may have actually been healthy for you. While you didn’t appreciate it at the time, take some time to thank her for it this Mother’s Day.

Moms Help Children Learn Better Behaviors

A study by Rick Kosterman and his colleauges at the University of Washington showed mothers areinfluential in teaching children good behaviors. Their study showed that mothers and fathers were both influential in helping their children’s bad behavior, but their study showed that sons with mothers who took an active parenting role had better behaviors than sons whose moms weren’t as active in parenting.

They concluded that moms are influential in helping sons learn appropriate behaviors. So all those times your mother kept telling you to keep out of trouble, say you’re sorry and stop picking on your siblings, she was actually teaching valuable lessons that kept you out of trouble. You may have thought it was annoying back then, but look at all the good it did you now.

Moms Help Children Obtain Higher Education

We all remember our moms helping us with homework. But did you know that moms have been shown to be more influential than fathers in helping their children obtain a higher education? Research by Sylvia Korupp J.D. at Erfurt University in Germany shows that mothers who had positive attitudes about higher education and had higher education themselves were more likely to have children who also had positive attitudes about higher education and also to obtain higher education. Of course, with higher education comes higher earning power, etc.

Thank Your Mother This Mother’s Day

There are lots of other ways that mothers are influential in their children’s lives. But the most important one is the unique way that she influenced you personally. Sure, she may have told you wash your hands before you eat, don’t pick on your siblings, and get your homework done, but a lot of mothers did. One of the most important gifts you can give your mother this Mother’s Day is to be grateful for the unique way she influenced you. Maybe she encouraged you to keep up with a talent you wanted to give up on. Maybe she taught you to stand up for yourself when a bully was picking on you. Whatever the reason, make sure to thank her for it. There’s a reason there’s so much blank space in those Mother’s Day cards.

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