Aaron I Anderson, M.S., LMFT

“I wholeheartedly believe that couples can not only overcome challenges they’re facing, but that through counseling they can come out stronger as a couple with a healthier, more vibrant relationship than they ever had.”

About Aaron Anderson
I have extensive training and experience in marriage counseling. I received a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and did doctoral studies in Family Science. I’ve also specialized in working with couples for over 10 years. As a result of this rigorous training and experience you can rest assured that you are getting the specialized care for your marriage that you need.

I am also thoroughly involved with many aspects of marriage counseling professionally and in the community. I’m an Affiliate Faculty at Regis University in the Department of Counseling and Family Therapy where I teach various courses related to marriage and family therapy. Through teaching with Regis University, I’m able to keep up with the latest research and methods in couples therapy and thoroughly enjoy teaching upcoming graduates how to be great couples counselors. In addition to my Affiliate Faculty position, I’m also a Clinical Fellow of The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and a past Board Member for the Colorado Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Being a marriage counselor isn’t just what I do, it’s who I am. You can rest assured that you are getting an expert who can help you give your relationship the best chance to succeed.

What is therapy like?

My therapy is pretty down-to-earth. We get right to the point to help you get the results you want to get. Most couples go round and round in arguments and can’t figure out why they keep doing it – especially when they know it only gets them the same results. I help you and your spouse explore the unspoken rules that keep you both in the same unhelpful pattern. You will get a better understanding of yourself and your partner by exploring the deeper, more core beliefs that you both have that are affecting your relationship. We will work on finding the ones causing you both to stumble and will help you co-create new ones with your partner that feels fulfilling and rewarding again. I will help you both to create new goals together as a couple that are exciting, vibrant, and passionate.

If you’re seeing me for infidelity, we get right to work rebuilding trust first and foremost. We do this by getting to work controlling the damage and chaos that comes when an affair has been discovered. Then we begin to unpack why the affair happened and how to keep it from happening again. There was a reason the affair happened. You can’t look back to the old relationship because there were pieces of it that made your relationship vulnerable. So, I help you build a new relationship and leave those vulnerabilities behind. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Online counseling with Aaron

During the Covid-19 crisis, I am still seeing clients in-person as needed and I am also seeing clients through confidential and secure online counseling to help with social distancing. With all the shutdowns because of Covid-19 that doesn’t mean that your mental health needs have stopped. Give our clinic a call to schedule an online appointment. You can still get yourself and your relationship back to a better place.

What do you do when you’re not doing therapy?

I’m an avid father of three children. I love exploring the many beautiful things the world has to offer and sharing them with my little family. This usually includes going to new restaurants with unique menus, going to small town festivals, and exploring new sites. And when I want to take time for myself, you’ll find me with a wrench under the hood of my hotrod or wasting my brain watching a scary movie.

Aaron specializes in:

Marriage Counseling

For years Aaron has specialized in marriage counseling. He helps couples heal from difficulties with intimacy, avoid separation/divorce, and stop frequent arguing.

Recovering After Infidelity

Aaron works with couples who have been wracked by infidelity to learn to trust again, overcome hurt from the affair, and rebuild their relationship into one that’s stronger than ever.

Men’s Counseling

Men face unique challenges and express themselves in unique ways. Aaron helps men ‘go deeper’ to get out of that run and finally feel more substance in their relationships, work, and family.

Kayla Sapakoff, M.A., MFTC

About Kayla

I have a Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Appalachian State University. I have experience working in substance abuse intensive outpatient programs focused on helping individuals, couples, and families navigate their substance abuse and mental health challenges. I also have experience working in counseling centers working with adolescents and young adults as they develop their identity and cope with a wide range of mental health and developmental challenges.

Who do I work with?

  • Individuals and couples who have been impacted by substance abuse.
  • Couples impacted by infidelity 
  • Couples wanting to reconnect and find fulfillment in their relationship again

What are your favorite things to do when you are not working with clients?

  • Outdoor adventures such as hiking, skiing, paddleboarding, longboarding, etc.
  • Anything musical! I enjoy playing the piano, listening to my favorite artists, and going to concerts. 
  • Connecting and making memories with my family and friends.

What is therapy like?

I value working collaboratively with individuals and couples. In our sessions, my goal is to understand how you make meaning in your life, and work with you to create changes that are meaningful and realistic for you. I understand that making the decision to incorporate therapy into your life is not always an easy decision. I believe that engaging in therapy is challenging work that calls for courage and vulnerability. I am honored to be a collaborator on your journey and strive to create a therapeutic space where you, the client, can determine what the therapeutic process will look like so that you can get the most out of the process. My goal is to create a therapeutic environment that is open and inclusive as we process your experiences and explore new ways of interacting with your partner and the world around you.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance abuse is connected to stress and conflict in relationships. Therapy for couples experiencing stress related to substance abuse will focus on helping you gain insight into the impact that addiction has had on your life and on your relationships. Sessions will also focus on rebuilding trust, improving communication skills, and addressing how substance abuse has impacted your ability to connect with your partner. Additionally, substance abuse counseling will allow for you and your partner to develop a better understanding of the nature of addiction. 


I truly believe that couples can heal from infidelity, and I strive to create a therapeutic space that holds complexity and compassion for both partners. My work with couples who have been impacted by infidelity will focus on exploring and understanding the nature of the affair from the viewpoint of both partners. It is essential to understand why the affair happened as you and your partner work towards rebuilding trust and healing. As we begin this challenging and brave work, we will also focus on how to rebuild a secure relationship that feels fulfilling for both partners. 

Erika De la Castro

About Erika:

My name is Erika (she/her/hers) and I am currently in the internship phase of my Marriage and Family Therapy program at Regis University.  I received my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Nebraska. Before attending graduate school at Regis, I gained experience working with teens as a family support worker. I am eager to continue working with teens, and to continue to hone my craft working with couples who are yearning to reconnect with one another. 

Outside of the therapy world, I can often be found reading on a patio, working in my garden, or exploring this beautiful state with my dog and husband. I love to learn new things, and my latest undertakings are pottery and tennis. I don’t seem to be getting any better at either, but even being bad at them is fun! 

What is therapy like with Erika?

As a systemic therapist, I believe that no person is an island. We all have so many people that influence every aspect of our lives, people who have helped shape us to be who we are today. In therapy, I want to hear about you, but I also want to hear about your people. I’m committed to taking the time we need to unravel who you really are. I care about you, and I care about what is weighing you down. In therapy, we will carefully unwrap painful memories, brave new ways of thinking, and spend some of the time laughing and connecting as human beings. 

Relationships are hard. There is no beating around the bush there. I do believe that they are worth it, though. As your therapist, I will guide you through a meaningful therapeutic experience to help you reconnect with your partner. I believe that we all yearn for loving companionship of some kind, and I am here to help you create (or re-create) a sturdy foundation for your relationship. I firmly believe that all relationships deserve to be nurtured with love. While I am sensitive, I won’t hesitate to give you a gentle, but direct, nudge when you are treating your partner poorly. I don’t allow name-calling or general meanness in my therapy space. My approach is compassionate and understanding, yet directive. If you truly want to heal your relationship, I believe you must commit to putting in the work. I do not believe there is room for contempt in a relationship, and if you find yourself burdened with that, I can help you move forward. Utilizing solution-focused therapy, a few tools from the Gottman institute, and a generally humanistic approach, I help couples truly see and hear one another.  I welcome all identities, backgrounds, and relational configurations.

Therapy with me will be intentional, safe, and sometimes, it can even be fun. I view every human as a work in progress and a work of art. Together, we can help you grow into the version of you that feels the most YOU. 

Olivia G. Holt, M.A., NLCC

“Children and teens are constantly changing and going through challenges as they develop while finding out who they are – which is where individual counseling for your child, as well as family treatment, can give your family the tools to remain connected as your kids form their own identity.”

About Olivia

I received my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology with the University of Denver and am currently a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate with the state of Colorado. My experience consists of working with individuals such as children and teens, as well as their families, who are coping with trauma, homelessness, and domestic violence. I also have experience in working with groups and individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and legal difficulties due to high conflict relationship dynamics. I work with children and families to learn to implement personal coping skills, while developing their own style of communication through exploration of the five love languages and behavior patterns within their family. 

What is therapy like?

My approach to child and family counseling, is based on creating an open, accepting environment where the clients are the expert of their experiences. Many families and parents go through counseling and leave feeling disheartened due to a therapist not understanding their primary concerns or the underlying causes of their child’s behavior. My approach focuses on deep exploration of a child’s or teenager’s communication style, self-esteem levels and past experiences through Art Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy treatment. Each of these elements play a role in family relationships and are unpacked in order to create a new path for connection moving forward. Understanding the role each individual plays in these patterns, allows the client to create new patterns and goals for themselves and their family, that will open the door for continued growth and closeness through different stages of life. 

What do you do when you’re not doing therapy? 

I am very fortunate that traveling to new places and exploring different cultures has played a big role in my life – and a surprising aspect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been discovering beautiful sites in Colorado, as well as within the United States. Whenever I also have a hankering to travel back in time, you can find me reading historical fiction novels or watching period dramas. Spending time with my loved ones by going to restaurants, museums, and enjoying nights in, is also one of my favorite ways to decompress. 

Olivia specializes in:

Child & Family Counseling – My approach with children and teens, focuses on building a trusting relationship in a way that allows them to be themselves authentically and to develop and identify emotions and coping skills through Child-Centered Play Therapy and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy approaches. This involves placing the client’s progress and strengths at the forefront, while frequently consulting with caregivers throughout treatment to apply learned coping strategies in the home. I work with families and individual children between the ages 3-17. 

My approach to family counseling recognizes the unique characteristics and situations that contribute to patterns of behaviors and current communication styles between family members. Whether you are navigating the challenges of blending a family, trying to stay connected through the adolescent years, or wanting to have more quality time, my work with families focuses on what success will look like to your family through the construction of specific treatment goals that make sense for each member of the family. 

Couples Counseling – I believe that every couple has their own style of intimacy, communication, and connection. My approach to therapy allows couples to uncover patterns that lead to difficulties in intimacy and communication while creating an open and accepting environment for each partner to be heard. This approach allows the couple to change old patterns and create new ones that are essential in the relationship moving forward. 

Jourdan Lamb

About Jourdan

I am pursuing my Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Adams State University. Previously, I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and have been working in education for several years. As an intern, I am honing my skills working with couples, families, and children.

What is therapy like?

My goal as a therapist is to help my clients reach their goals and develop sustainable skills to continue thriving outside of the therapy room. As a person of action, I am drawn to cognitive and behavioral approaches to counseling. Together, we will look at cycles of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to understand the things you are struggling with. In turn, we can work on developing healthier cycles that allow you to live life more genuinely and more joyfully. I like to integrate skills from all sorts of therapy types to make sure you get what you need from therapy. I know that a direct approach is not for everyone, and the client-therapist relationship is the most therapeutic part of counseling.

While working with children, I like to use Play Therapy techniques. Play is what children understand and do best, so it is the best way to work with them. Games, art, and pretend play are some of my favorite ways to connect with children and help them work through challenges feeling.

What do you do when you’re not doing therapy?

Outside of the clinic, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband and our toddler. We love exploring our home state of Colorado and finding unique activities to do. I also love to travel, cook, bake, and play board or card games. In the few quiet moments I find, I like reading mystery novels and listening to my classic rock records.

Chris Cummins

Chris Cummins, LMFT, LCADC, ACS

Chris Cummins is the Co-Owner and Clinical Director for The Marriage and Family Clinic specializing in marriage and couples counseling, reconciliation from separation/divorce, and substance abuse treatment. He was born and raised in Las Vegas and graduated from Cimarron-Memorial High School. Chris received his Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from UNLV, specializing in Addictions Treatment and Family Studies. After, he graduated from Regis University with his Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Chris is formally trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), and is proficient in the best practices of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT). Chris’ educational background has been rigorously focused towards gaining the knowledge and competencies to provide effective therapy for you.

Chris has extensive experience working with couples and families in various settings including: The Regis Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, CrossRoads of Southern Nevada, Vegas Stronger, substance abuse treatment settings, psychosocial rehabilitation, and as a family caseworker. Through Chris’ interactions with couples and families, Chris has found that relationship problems can be overcome through establishing mutual solutions. Chris collaborates with you and highlights strengths that will help you to achieve your goals for therapy.

Throughout Chris’ time working with different populations, Chris found his niche in couple’s therapy. Chris is passionate about helping you get through difficult times in your relationship whether the problems are related to communication, substance abuse, affairs, sexual issues, constant arguments, financial disagreements, health-related goals, or other matters that are impacting your relationship. Chris works with you as a couple to positively impact your relationship in an environment that is welcoming and non-judgmental.

Chris Specializes In:

Marriage and Couples Counseling

In couple’s counseling, Chris creates a supportive environment that allows you and your partner to express yourselves and pursue your desires for your relationship so there is positive and lasting change.

Reconciliation from a Separation/Divorce

If you are reconciling from a recent separation or divorce, Chris helps you to establish what you want your relationship to look like this time around. Chris discusses what went well in the past, what challenges there were, and what you would like to change for the better. 

Substance Abuse

Chris has experience working in substance abuse treatment settings to address minor to severe substance use ranging from occasional marijuana use to daily methamphetamine or heroin use. Whether you are hesitant about treatment or highly motivated, Chris meets you where you are to provide support and move towards recovery.

About the Author

Chris Cummins is the Co-Owner and Clinical Director with The Marriage and Family Clinic. He specializes in couples counseling, reconciliation, and substance abuse counseling. Chris enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with his family.

Rey Ulan

I can help you see your mental health, thoughts, and emotions with fresh eyes so you can reintroduce calm to your life, improve your relationships, and live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. If, for example, you’re embarrassed or uncertain about situations at work or at school, feel bombarded and overwhelmed by your own thoughts, or feel awkward and uncomfortable in social situations I would love to help you create coping strategies, navigate your relationships, and find peace.

I provide support from a humanistic, strengths based approach which incorporates elements of mindfulness, emotional regulation, behavioral activation, inner strength, and relational growth to help people understand themselves so they can overcome current and future hurdles while enhancing the fundamental building blocks of their lives.

Choosing therapy is an act of courage and self-advocacy. Continuing down this path may lead to new perspectives, enhanced senses of gratitude and compassion for yourself and others, a heightened feeling of fulfillment, and much more. I would be honored to walk alongside you as you start this new chapter in your life!

Kaylan Garcia, M.S., MFTC

I am a Marriage & Family Therapy-Candidate with a Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy from Oklahoma State University. I also graduated with honors from Fort Hays State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

What can you expect from therapy with Kaylan?

Clients often find themselves laughing and having some fun in sessions with me as we work collaboratively towards meaningful goals. I love helping my clients slow down and work towards making more conscious, fulfilling decisions within their relationships. I value practical skill building, which often includes assigning “homework” to help you engage in new patterns of interaction that align with the changes you want to see in your relationship(s). 

My style is warm, direct, and authentic. I value helping my clients feel known and seen in therapy and I look forward to walking with you and your loved ones through triumphs, difficulties, and anything in between during our time together in therapy.


I work with individuals, couples, and families with children ages 12 and older. I have experience working with interracial couples and those who struggle with cultural differences; couples throughout a spectrum of ages and stages of their relationship (newly dating to decades of marriage); couples struggling with infidelity and sexual difficulties; LGBTQ+ teenagers and their families; families going through difficult transitions in their lives who are looking for more cohesion; and many other individuals, couples, and families from a variety of backgrounds.

What do you do outside of therapy?

Outside of therapy, I love all things sports (both playing and watching) and can usually be found watching most NFL games during the season. I take any chance I can to try new restaurants and experiences and enjoy doing so in the company of my husband and friends. When I need a night in, I love relaxing while watching The Office- and of course- snacks are a must have!

Taking this leap can feel scary.

You bring value and many strengths to your relationships. Because I believe this with my whole heart, we will utilize these strengths in therapy while working towards individual goals that will inevitably benefit your relationship and help you reach your goals as a couple or family. If you are curious about how this works and want to take the next step towards healing, please feel free to schedule an appointment with me using the link below.

Payton Holt

About Payton:

I received a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Regis University located in Denver, Colorado. I am currently licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Utah and as a Marriage and Family Therapist Candidate in the state of Colorado. I have experience working with couples, families, and teens. I specialize in working with couples, parents with difficult children, and those experiencing anxiety at any level. 

What is therapy like:

My typical stance as a therapist is to be both direct and directive. I am direct in the sense that I’m not going to beat around the bush. I will tell you hard things to hear when needed. Being directive looks like me bringing skills and tools to the table for you to explore and learn. I’m not the kind of therapist that you have for the next 10 years. I want to help you learn what you need to in order for you to get back to a place of stability and happiness quickly. Although my approach is focused on results, I understand the importance of a strong therapeutic alliance. It’s not all business all the time. I’m light-hearted at times and find humor to be a great addition in the therapy room. I seek to also connect through empathy. Life is tough, and I’ll never minimize the struggles we each face. 

Lastly, the approach I use with couples is rooted in Relational Life Therapy. This modality is fantastic for couples struggling with communication problems, major differences in personality, frequent arguing or conflict, and those suffering from what I call “Roommate Syndrome” (essentially living parallel lives in the same home, with little emotional connection). 

When working with parents and individuals, my approach is rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. Both approaches take into account the multidirectional impact of our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. Using those approaches, I help you find practical ways to make real and lasting changes. 

What do I do for fun:

When I’m not in the office I enjoy being in the mountains exploring, fishing, or meditating. I’m an avid sports fan and enjoy both playing and watching a range of sports. Having played football at a collegiate level, that is my favorite to play and watch. I have a great liking for chocolate and movie theatre popcorn. Last, but certainly not least, I love being with my wife and two kids. 

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