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Sex therapy for a deeper, more intimate and connected relationship

A healthy sexual relationship is imperative to a thriving, healthy relationship. It’s about more than just sex. It’s about a culture of closeness and connectedness in your marriage that leads to fulfilling and passionate sexual experiences. A healthy sexual relationship means communicating, understanding, knowing your partner and being known by your partner.. 

Here, you will be able to explore yourself and your relationship in intimate ways you’ve felt uncomfortable to do at home

If you find yourself wanting to try sex therapy, you can expect an open, shame free, relaxed, and nonjudgmental experience with our clinician Hunter English, our certified sex therapist in the clinic. We understand talking about a private and intimate part of your life or relationship is not easy and can be uncomfortable, so things will be going at your pace and comfort level. With that being said, you can also expect an inquisitive process, uncovering and challenging ideas and beliefs gone unquestioned for years. You can expect your clinician to be an advocate for bodily autonomy and choosing what your pleasure looks like while encouraging you and empowering you to be your fullest self.

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Sex Therapy & Counseling For Sexual Difficulties

We can help couples experiencing a variety of sexual issues. From how to spice things up, to how someone’s sexual education or experiences has been impacting their current sex life, to how people feel their respective body parts are failing them or their relationship. 

As a certified sex therapist, our counselor Hunter English, helps couples who are having difficulty talking about sex, navigating seeming incompatibilities surrounding sex drives and sexual interests. She also helps wives who are having a hard time advocating for their pleasure, and husbands who are feeling ashamed for technical difficulties.  As a certified Sex therapist, Hunter can also help individuals and couples navigate emerging queer identities, and how to have safe and enjoyable queer sex as well. All couples are safe and  celebrated.

Handling Sensitive Issues with Awareness and Empathy

A lot of people think that their sex lives are separate from their marriage or relationship. That cannot be farther from the truth. As marriage counselors and certified sex therapists, we find that your relationship with your partner inside the bedroom goes hand in hand with your relationship outside of the bedroom. So it’s common that as we explore difficult sexual issues inside the relationship we will also uncover difficult issues inside and outside the bedroom. But they’re all handled with care. We want you to feel comfortable and safe exploring such sensitive and personal topics. 

When couples leave our office(s) following a sex therapy session, they feel heard, understood and more connected. That alone can start the healing process and make everyone involved excited about the future of the relationship. 

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Personalized Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy at The Marriage and Family Clinic is a unique approach tailored to the needs of each couple. So you can rest assured that you are getting the help that you need. Whether you’re young or old, male, female or neither, we come up with a plan with you to create the satisfying and fulfilling sex life that works for you. 

Not only can you have the sex life that you used to have, we can help you have a rewarding and fulfilling sex life that’s better than ever. Give us a call today to see how we can help you have the fulfilling and passionate sex life that you want.

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