Savannah Rackley, M.S., LPCC, MFTC

“My goal is to help individuals understand their own behaviors and help them change in a way that allows for connection and growth.”


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What Happens in Therapy?

As a therapist, I tend to be straight forward in my approach, showing up in a way that is honest to myself so that I can encourage others to do the same. I focus on recognizing patterns of behavior, such as fights, shut downs, or spirals, and then working to understand and alter those behaviors in a way that allows for connection and growth.

When helping young children, I focus on developing emotional awareness and practicing appropriate responses through play therapy. I meet kids in their confusion and emotion, and work to help them and their parents better understand their confusing kids.

As a therapist for adolescents, I focus on identity and the role it plays in how teens interact with their families, friends, and the world. Figuring out who you are is a hard process for teens and can often be a confusing time of emotional overload, stress about the future, and frustration with feeling misunderstood all the time. I work with teens to navigate those hurdles in ways that are true to them, with the goal of engaging with others in healthier ways.

What Is Your Background?

I have a Masters degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Harding University. I have also received additional training in Brain Spotting, a non-invasive trauma treatment intervention that is a gentle method of processing through trauma history.

I also have experience working in community mental health, helping kids to understand and feel their emotions, and helping their parents to better understand and meet their individual needs.

Online Counseling with Savannah 

During the difficulties with Covid-19 Savannah is happy to provide online counseling as well as in person counseling in order to help you get the help you need while still social distancing. Our clinic uses a confidential and secure service specially designed for mental health. You can rest assured that your online counseling is secure and private as you work through challenges and stressors you’re feeling at this time. You’ll find online counseling is convenient and an easy. You don’t have to plan on commuting time and you can do it in the comfort of any private room in your house. Click on the Schedule Appointment button above to setup an online counseling appointment with Savannah.

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do When You Are Not Counseling?

  • I have a deep love for epic fantasy novels and will gladly take any recommendations you have for me.
  • I weave tapestries for friends and families as a way to keep my hands busy and engaged while watching Netflix.
  • I am a self-proclaimed foodie and enjoy eating at new restaurants in my free time.
  • I am very close with my friends and family and spend most of my time not doing therapy or reading with them.

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Savannah Specializes in:


Family Therapy

Savannah recognizes the influence that community, including family, has on wellbeing and happiness, and that it should create a space of honesty, openness, and laughter. She works with families to engage in growth in a way that is sustainable and creates long lasting change.


Child and Adolescent Therapy

Savannah acknowledges that people do the best they can with what they have, and this includes kids. Savannah engages with kids in a way that allows them to be themselves authentically, and to develop and identify emotions and coping skills. Savannah works with kids from ages 2-17.


Marriage and Couples Counseling

Savannah believes that connection is one of the best parts of the human experience. She helps couples who are struggling with constant fighting as well as couples who have lost their passion and want to reconnect again. Savannah also helps couples overcome the problems that arise due to painful experiences with family or past relationships.


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