Ryan Hicks, M.S., LPC, LMFTC

“My goal is to help couples overcome obstacles in their relationship so that they can create a stronger connection with each other, have a deeper understanding of one another, and create long- lasting change. “


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What Happens in Therapy?

Making changes is an intimidating process for all of us. My goal as your therapist is to join you, wherever you are, in this search for the life and relationships that you are trying to build. I do this by helping you engage with the things that hurt and cause us problems. As we move through the therapeutic process, we will work with the barriers and difficulties you have encountered, and help you move through life with a sense of strength, resilience, and connection to the ones you love.

My approach to therapy is heavily influenced by my training in Emotionally Focused Therapy. In this model of Therapy, the focus is to help build safe, secure relationships and heal the pain and hurt from our past so that we can live a healthy, fulfilling life.

What Is Your Background?

I have a Masters degree  in Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling from Harding University. Beyond my graduate work, I also have Advanced Training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy for couples.

I also have experience working in a crisis center helping people in crisis. While this isn’t a focus of mine anymore, this helps me know how to help clients who are in heightened states and also how to de-escalate with couples who are having a hard time stopping arguing.  I also have further training and experience in trauma and hypnosis which I use to help overcome pain from the past, panic attacks, and depression.

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do When You Are Not Counseling?

• Playing and writing music.
• Bouldering & rock climbing.
• Reading poetry or a good book.
• Finding new coffee shops and drinking too much coffee when I get there.

Ryan Specializes in:


Marriage and Couples Counseling

II believe that connection is one of the best parts of the human experience. I help couples who are struggling with constant fighting as well as couples who have lost their passion and want to reconnect again. I also help couples overcome the problems that arise due to painful experiences with family or past relationships


Trauma and Overcoming the Past

For those who have experienced violence, abuse; our past experiences can cause problems for us in our lives today. Whether this manifests as panic attacks, anxiety, or depression; I use my training and experience in hypnosis and working with trauma to help individuals overcome the pain and hurt of the past.


Emotionally Focused Therapy

I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).  I believe that human beings need connection like we need food and water.  I use EFT to help people heal through building and repairing close, secure relationships.


Should We go to Couples Therapy?

Things just have not been feeling right lately.  You have started noticing you are more distant from your partner.  Maybe it even feels like the smallest thing could set you off.  It’s not all bad all the time, but when it’s rough…it’s really rough.  It can be tricky figuring out when it is time for… Continue Reading