Rx Around The World: Interview with Aaron About Appropriate Child Discipline

I had a fantastic interview with Kyle Bradford, owner of Chopperpapa.com and Fatherhood Wide Open where he gives his high octane observations, on manhood, divorce, relationships and other intellectual roadkill. It was a great interview and I had a lot of fun doing it. Warm thank you to Kyle. Give him some love and check out his sites. You’ll be glad you did. Below are some of the highlights of the podcast to tease you until you actually check it out 🙂

Am I Disciplining too Hard or Too Soft?

In the interview we discussed like how to make sure you’re not punishing too hard or too soft. I use the term “make sure the time fits the crime”. In other words, don’t dole out a life sentence to your teenager (such as taking his cell phone away) just because he came home late on a school night. Most of the time, the natural consequences (such as feeling groggy the next day because of lack of sleep) are an appropriate enough consequence and you don’t have to do much as a parent.

Are Parents Being Too Enabling?

One of the more stimulating parts of the podcast was when we talked about enabling parents. We talked about the parents of the teens who were recently convicted of rape in Stuebenville Ohio. Their parents were behind them the whole way despite that there was serious evidence that what the children did was wrong. Was this wrong of the parents? Were they good to be supportive? We had a pretty engaging discussion that you’ll have to listen to to find out.

Successful Co-Parenting in Divorce

Kyle also asked a personal question from his own experience. He asked about how to create a successful co-parenting arrangement between divorced parents. Too many children are the innocent victims in divorce and they have difficulty adjusting to it. We discussed a couple tips about how to make sure your kids adjust well to divorce and what mom and dad can do to be successful in co-parenting. One of the things mentioned was to make sure there are as consistent of rules as possible between the two households. Nothing is more confusing for a kid that to have one set of rules at mom’s house and then have another completely different set of rules at dad’s.

Click here for more brilliant wisdom from me and Kyle on his podcast.

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