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You’ve probably noticed the weather getting warmer and the grass getting greener outside. Aaah, summer is coming. Your kids are beginning to get excited thinking about all the fun things they’re going to do when school gets out and you can’t help but get excited with them. With all this summer excitement buzz you can’t help but think of all the fun trips and vacations you want to go on. So it’s natural that you want to start losing  some of those winter pounds so you can look great on the beach. But as you think about your fitness goals you want to achieve, don’t forget about other important goals in your life. Don’t forget about your relationship goals.

There are Many Areas of Health

I have a brother who owns a gym in Utah called GPP Fitness. As a health and fitness man, one of my favorite things about his GPP fitness philosophy is that it includes other core components of health on top of physical health. He includes mental health, emotional health, social health and financial health. His philosophy is that if your body is in tip top shape but you’re having difficulty emotionally, financially or socially (including in relationships), being in top physical health isn’t doing you much good.You should look at his gym’s website for daily workouts that help keep you in optimal shape – not just optimal physical shape.

Healthy Relationships Are an Important Part of Your Overall Health

I love that his philosophy includes relationship health. Too often, people overlook relationship health as a

core component of their health. Think about it, if you’re struggling in your relationship with your spouse your life is affected by that. You walk on egg shells around them because you don’t want to start a fight. You don’t like being around them because of the cold distance that you feel. You can’t sleep because you’re thinking about your relationship and how you’re not having all the fun you’d like to have in your life.

The same goes with your relationship with your children. If you have a bad relationship with one of your children your life is affected by it, too. You feel bad because you can’t talk with your child about all the things you want. You go places with your family but it’s not as fun as it could be because there’s a cold tension between you and your child. Think of how much happier you would be if your relationship were repaired and you were closer.

As you’re thinking about your fitness goals you want to acheive, don’t just think about getting your body in shape so you can look good in that swimsuit. That’s important, but if your relationship isn’t in good shape you’re not going to be enjoying the beach as much you could anyway. In addition to your health and fitness goals that will make your life more enjoyable, think about relationship goals that will make your life more enjoyable, too. Don’t know where to start? There are plenty of books and websites (like the one you’re on right now) that give you tips to increase your relationship fitness.

Check out some of these popular books to help you get started:

Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

Seven principles for making marriage work 

The Relationship Cure

The Relationship Cure: A 5 Step Guide to Strengthening your Marriage, Family and Friendships

Liking The Child You Love

Liking The child You Love: Building a Better Relationship With Your Kids Even When They’re Driving You Crazy

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