New Years Resolutions for your Relationship.

New Years is a great time to look back over the previous year and make an inventory. Make an inventory of all the things you’ve done right so you know to keep doing them. And make an inventory of things you’ve done not-so-right that you’d like to improve on. This is one of the greatest things about New Years: the opportunity to let bygones be bygones and to start anew on things you wish you could.

One thing, though, that people don’t often think about when they’re making New Years resolutions is things they’d like to fix in their relationship with their significant other. Every relationship has its’ ups and downs. This doesn’t mean that it’s a bad relationship. But it does mean there’s room for improvement. Even if your relationship isn’t under a lot of stress or if you feel your relationship is doing just fine, here are a few relationship resolutions for you to consider that will help improve your relationship. After all, what harm could a little improvement do in your relationship?

New Years Resolutions for Your Relationship

1) A little less talk and a lot more action. Every couple talks to each other about things they’d like to do more. They’d like to get tickets to the music hall or go to their favorite lake more. Forget about talking about them. Pick one or two of the easiest or most important things and actually do them. Make it a priority this year.
2) Spend more time together. When you look back on your life, you probably won’t say that you wished you spent more time at work. You’ll probably say that you wished you spent more time with your loved ones. Don’t risk looking back with that regret. Start this year off right and make a resolution to spend more time together. 
3) Make more memories. In a previous post about holiday gifts your lover will love I wrote about how I am a fan of giving memories for gifts instead of giving things you can buy from a store. This year, make a resolution to make more memories together. Take that vacation you always wanted or do that project on the house together. Whatever you do, make sure it makes memories. 
4) Fight less. This is one most couples want to do anyway. Every couple has one thing that they perpetually argue about: in-laws, children, money, etc. You’ve argued about ever since you two were together and you haven’t fixed it yet. It’s likely that you won’t resolve it anytime soon, either. Instead of arguing about it over and over again talk with your spouse about how you can both handle the conversation next time it comes up. This will help you to fight less about it and begin the year talking about the difficulty in a positive way.

Remember, New Years resolutions are meant to point you in new directions and create new possibilities. The same can happen with your relationship. Make a resolution to focus on your relationship more this year and who knows what direction you’ll be pointed in next year. 

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