Michaela Standhart, M.A., MFTC

“My goal is to help couples overcome obstacles in their relationship so that they can create a stronger connection with each other, have a deeper understanding of one another, and create long- lasting change. “


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Who Do You Work With?

• Couples who want to improve their communication and feel more connected to their partner.
• Couples who have goals for the relationship but are unsure of how to get there.
• Children as young as 12 years old
• Children who are struggling to adjust to recent changes (i.e. change in schools, moving, divorce)

What Happens In Therapy?

Life is full of challenges. Parenting, forming new relationships, recreating old relationships, moving, and remembering your keys are just a few of the ones I can name. As a therapist, I desire to face these challenges with you. To stand alongside you as you transition through life’s expected and unexpected hardships. I believe the creation of a secure sense of self and the creation of deep connections in relationships allows us to move through these difficulties and thrive.

My focus in therapy is to deeply explore your view of your self, your view of others, your blocks to deeper connections, and how you strive to connect with others in your life. By creating safety and trying to understand you in your context, I aim to help you create a relationship full of heartfelt connection and trust.

What Is Your Background?

Coming soon..

What Are Your Favorite Things To Do When You Are Not Counseling?

–Research! (I’m involved in a number of different research projects focusing on couple relationships)
–Hiking (how I heal myself)
–Being with family and friends (also how I heal myself)
–Reading (you can guarantee I always have at least one book with me)
–Watching horror movies (director James Wan is my favorite)

Michaela Focuses On


Marriage and Couples Counseling

Michaela creates a safe and empathetic environment for both partners in your relationship to feel heard, understood, and respected – all while creating a little bit of humor, too. Michaela will support you in unveiling hidden emotions to build toward a strong connection between you and your partner.


Betrayal Trauma

It’s hard to explain to others the pain you feel when you discover your partner has been cheating on you. Michaela is a certified betrayal trauma therapist. She can help you understand and heal the wounds you’re feeling from the infidelity.


Family counseling

Michaela acknowledges the importance of all of the relationships within your family. Michaela creates space for your family to share struggles that you are experiencing and collaborate with each member of your family to build understanding and create lasting change. Michaela works with children as young as 12 years old.