Men’s Group

The Marriage and Family Clinic's Men’s Group

The Marriage and Family Clinic's Men’s Group in Westminster, CO, and Spanish Fork, UT.

Our Men's Group Focus

In the Marriage and Family Clinic’s Men’s group, we focus on what it means to be a man in today’s world. We’ll help you identify how you’re showing up in all your important relationships. We’ll give you the tools you need to be a more present and caring father, husband, and boss/employee, while still maintaining your masculine uniqueness. We’ll help you see your blind spots and find your masculine confidence without being a mansplainer. Our Men’s Group will help you be more confident in your relationships, without bulldozing.

For a Healthier Future

Embrace your masculine energy and uniqueness. See your blind spots as a man and why people tell you, you just don’t get it. Understand your spouse and what they need from you as a man and as a partner. Create the relationships you want that feel respectful to you as a husband and a father. Understand yourself as a masculine person.

Designed for the Modern Day Man

The Marriage and Family Clinic’s Men’s Group in Westminster, CO, and Spanish Fork, UT is designed for your modern day men. With all the many social changes, men are in a unique place. Many of the role models you looked up to when you were younger don’t fit anymore in today’s world. You know you’re doing better than the role models you had growing up, but you still feel uncertain about your place in your family, as a father, and as a husband. You want to be caring, present, and involved, but you keep being told you’re not measuring up.

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