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Marriage Counseling

Being married or in a committed relationship is a beautiful thing. But every couple knows that finding and holding on to the happiness that comes with a relationship can be difficult. Life can be messy and stressful. And unfortunately life’s challenges can take a toll on our most important relationships.

As a specialized marriage counseling and couples counseling practice, we can help you get a fresh perspective on your current situation, set goals, and take action to improve your relationship. We also set you up for success in the future by helping to create a growth mind-set that will serve you and your relationship in the future as well.

Our counselors are licensed and accredited with special training in couples-specific counseling. Just as importantly, they’re caring individuals who understand what you’re going through and are committed to guiding you toward healthier interactions with your partner and the kind of life you both know is possible but may have convinced yourself is out of reach.

Your initial phone consultation with a couples psychologist at all our locations in Westminster, CO; Spanish Fork, UT, and Las Vegas, NV is free-of-charge. Take the first step toward a better relationship today. Learn more about our marriage counseling and couples counseling services, and then make an appointment. 

Marriage Counseling Services that Make a Difference

Couples in Westminster, & Thornton, Colorado; Spanish Fork, Utah; and Las Vegas, Nevada turn to us when they’re struggling to find joy and contentment. Despite their often-significant problems, the good news is that reaching out shows they value their relationship but just need some guidance on supporting and nurturing it.

Whatever your goals are—from reconciliation to taking your relationship to a new level of happiness—the compassionate guidance of a trained professional counselor can help you find perspective. And if you don’t know what your objectives are in seeking counseling, we can assist you in clarifying them as well. We can help you no matter where you and your partner are in your journey.

There are obstacles and potential pitfalls in every relationship. But with expert guidance, you can identify yours and successfully navigate them to reach a better place together.

Why Seek Marriage Counseling or Couples Counseling?

Relationships are deeply personal, so it’s understandable to be reluctant to let a counselor “look” inside yours. But trusting your therapist to be an impartial observer is a tremendous first step forward. That’s because trust is at the core of every successful relationship. Trusting your partner to love you as you are. Trusting them to support you. Trusting them to be faithful.

Recognizing the importance of trust in your relationship can give you a new perspective and better understanding of why people choose to be with one another. It can also help you identify dysfunctional cycles that you’ve struggled with and find ways to break them.

Many couples are surprised at how quickly they make progress once the fundamental truths about human relationships are exposed and discussed.

Take the Energy Out of Destructive Emotions

Negative emotions are common, even in healthy relationships. Anger, resentment, arguments, and emotional withdrawal are normal when they occur occasionally.
Problems arise when couples fall into a cycle that moves from relative happiness into these emotions and behaviors and then back again, over and over. This pattern can quickly become ingrained in a relationship, with partners feeling defeated and seeing no way to change the dynamic.
Many life events can initiate and perpetuate this cycle, including money issues, intimacy problems, parenting challenges, and others. Talking with someone outside your relationship who has the kind of objective view of the situation you and your partner understandably can’t often is a life-changing experience.
Our trained and accredited counselors at The Marriage and Family Clinic help couples free themselves from destructive cycles and start moving in a healthier direction.

Learn more about our marriage counseling services and schedule an appointment with a caring marriage counselor today!

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