Ladies, 7 Ways You’re Forgetting Your Husband

Ladies, 7 Ways You’re Forgetting Your Husband

As a wife, you want your husband to think about you even when you’re not around. You like him to send you sweet texts and Arguing Couplebring you home little thoughtful things that shows he was thinking about you. And when he does, you get all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that he doesn’t forget about you when you both leave for work.

As a husband, he likes to know you’re not forgetting about him, either. But there are lots of little things you do as a wife to show your husband you’re forgetting about him. Here’s 7

7 Ways You’re Forgetting Your Husband

1) It’s his house, too. I know, I know. If you’re like most families, the wife is still responsible for most of the homemaking. Which means you probably do most of the chores, most of the decorating and most of the cooking, too. But that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a say in what gets put where or what your family needs for the living room. And he doesn’t get a say just because he earns a paycheck, either. He gets a say because he’s your husband and he’s your equal.

Father talking to son2) They’re his kids, too. Yes, he plays rough with them. Yes, he lets them jump off the balcony onto the trampoline when you’re not there. But that doesn’t mean you should keep him from doing these things. He loves the kids just as much as you do. And despite how irksome it might be, research shows that his typical dad traits are actually helping your kids become more well-rounded, more distress tolerant and more self-dependent (just to name a few).

3) Your husband wants YOU, not a clean house. Yes, you like to have a clean house but is it more important than a happy marriage? All those times you stay up doing the dishes or hurriedly scuttling about trying to clean the house before company comes are times that he’d rather be spending with you. And if you say he can spend time with you by cleaning with you this about as much fun to him as it is for you to help him change the oil in the cars on a Saturday.

4) Forgetting about sex. Sex isn’t just important for your husband. It’s an important part of any healthy romantic relationship. It’s what sets you and your husband apart from just being roommates. So when you forget sex, you’re not only forgetting
your husband you’re forgetting an important part of your relationship. Not making time for sex is not making time for your marriage.

5) Forgetting his important days. You’re really good at remembering Fathers Day, Birthdays and making sure your kids have their best outfits on for school pictures. But did you remember when your husband had that big presentation? And when’s the last time you texted just to say hi without asking him to pick something up? As a woman, it’s culturally expected for him to make these romantic gestures. But it’s the 21st century! You can make some of these romantic gestures, too. And trust me, he really does appreciate it.
Busy Mom6) Being too busy. You have work, the kids’ homework, cleaning, soccer practice and the endless pile of dishes in the sink. With so much to do, it’s a wonder you’re able to get most of it done in a day. But with all this busy-time, what did you do with your husband today? Take some time for yourself to smell the roses. And take some time for yourself to be with your husband. He doesn’t want to be just another check-box on your list of things to do. He wants your sincere time and attention.

7) Expecting him to be a woman. This is one of the more subtle but most prevalent ways I see women forgetting their husbands. Growing up as a boy, your husband got dirty, got loud, loved riding bikes and playing sports, and did other typical things you see your own son doing. He didn’t like going shopping with mom or watching girl movies. As a grown up, he still doesn’t like these things. When you ask him to watch a chick-flick with you, go shopping with you or “just talk” you’re asking him not to be a boy. Yes, he’ll do these things with you sometimes because he knows it’s important for you but you can’t expect him to get excited about it. And when you get mad at him for not liking it you’re getting mad at him for being a boy.

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