About Jennifer Kim, B.A.

“It is hard to be happy in your life when you are unhappy in your relationship. Couples therapy brings you closer to your partner but it is also an investment in your own happiness.”


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About Jennifer

At The Marriage and Family Clinic we are dedicated to helping couples who are in need of help regardless of cost. We are able to offer couples and families help on a sliding scale that ranges from $45-$90/session depending on your family size and income. We are able to do this through our intern program. Jennifer is our current intern who received high marks during her education at Regis University.

Jennifer is solution-focused and helps you find solutions to your challenges without going into unnecessary history and feelings about your mom. She tries to help you find quick solutions so you can get back to your life and your relationship the best way you can.

Jennifer Focuses on:


Couples Counseling

Jennifer wholeheartedly believes that the best marriages are close, connecting and affectionate. She can help you peel away layers of defensiveness to help you and your spouse talk together more compassionately and with understanding. She can help you reconnect in ways you haven’t in a while.


Parent/Child Counseling

When working with children and adolescents, parents play a crucial part in their child’s healing process. Jennifer offers parent and child counseling to provide an environment for them to effectively communicate and strengthen their relationship with one another. She believes in working alongside parents, offering support and psycho-education to give them the knowledge and tools they need to ensure that the therapeutic progress is being generalized in the home.


Individual Counseling

There is seemingly no end to the curve-balls life can throw at you. Jennifer can help you navigate whatever difficulties you’re facing by helping you look inside yourself to find effective tools and abilities you didn’t even know you had. These tools not only help for your current challenges but become resources to help you successfully navigate through future challenges as well.