How to Meet Other Singles Like Yourself

The singles world can be an ugly place. You meet so many people who are so different that every date is a new adventure. But while certain dates can be fun, dating in general is a hassle. I often hear people comment that if only they could weed out the weird ones and go straight to where the normal people are maybe they wouldn’t mind dating so much. In fact, as a relationship expert one of the more common questions I get asked from those who are single is ‘where do I go to meet normal guys/girls?’ Well, let me tell you but before I go too far, you need to understand the concept of propinquity (pronounced: pro-pink-witty). Don’t worry, it’s a big word but it doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

How Propinquity Helps You Find Others Like You 

Propinquity is a simple scientific principle that states that people who are alike will naturally find each other. Think of it like this: if you like art, you’re probably going to places to view art and talk about art, etc. And wouldn’t you know it, there are probably other people who will be there that like art, too. That’s called propinquity – oversimplified.  Because you have unique likes and interests, you will naturally find yourself surrounded by others with similar likes and interests.

If you’re in the singles scene, you can use propinquity to your advantage. Instead of going to the hottest new bar or the trendiest hangout where all the rich singles are, go somewhere that you are naturally interested in. Once you stop deliberately trying to find places to go that weed out the weird ones and go to the places you naturally like, then you’ll start finding other ‘normal’ people like yourself that you like to be around and can even see yourself dating.

Finding Other Singles Like You

Depending on your personality, there are lots of places where you meet other singles. The key is to first think

about your own likes and interests and then think of social settings where people with similar likes would go. For example, if you love wine, take a friend with you to a wine tasting event. If you’re into books, you can join a book club or go to a book reading at your local public library. And dating sites like do a great job at matching you up with people like you based on personality tests they give you on their site. That way you can have some assurance that you’re meeting others online with similar personality traits and interests.

You’ve heard it so many times before that you probably laugh at it anymore, but the key to finding other singles like yourself is to actually be yourself. Once you start being yourself and confidently doing the things that you like you will find others who are also like you and who have similar interests. And there’s even scientific principles that say so. 

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