Holiday Gift Ideas Your Lover Will Love!

Hi everyone, just a quickie today (Yes, that pun was very intended!).

If the end of the world doesn’t happen today, I just wanted to remind you that you only have 4 days left to shop for your sweetheart. As if you didn’t know that, right? If you’re looking for some last minute gift ideas, here are a couple ideas that aim to please (yes, that pun was intended, too)

Go for Memories, not Things. Remember that gift you got two Christmases ago? Neither will your spouse. But do you remember going to that new restaurant you both wanted to try? My point is that gifts are fun and all but memories are remembered. Instead of spending time going through aisles to find stocking stuffers find something that will create a memory. A massage, an overnighter in the mountains, etc. are all memory creating gifts. These gifts keep on giving every time they’re remembered.

What About Adult Gifts? if you’re like 56% of couples, you are currently having sexual difficulties or have had sexual difficulties in your relationship. If you’re thinking of getting lingerie or other adult gifts, make sure you’re getting it for them. Not you. Adult gifts lose their climax (Yup, another intended pun. I’m on a roll now!) when the receiver isn’t into it (which means you won’t be climaxing about the gift either).

Get Gifts for Them. Not the Family. One persistent problem in relationships (especially when there are kids) is that the relationship gets swallowed up in the family. This is evident during Christmas time when you get your lover a gift like a video camera or family vacation. These are gifts for them to use with the family, not for themselves. Make sure to get them a gift that they personally want. You can get them family gifts, too, but make sure to get them personal gifts on top of it! If you don’t know them well enough to know what they’d want, go on a date just the two of you to find out. There’s still time before Christmas. You could probably both use the relief from the Christmas stress anyway.

Think of gifts that keep on giving. Any gift is nice but ones where they think of you every time they use it are gifts that keep on giving. These usually aren’t gifts they need. If they need a new phone or a new kitchen knife, they probably won’t think of you when they use it. They’re too common. Get them something that they don’t need but will use every day and they’ll think of how thoughtful you are for making their life so much nicer. One website that I like is  It’s a great website with unique and personalized gifts that make life easier and show thoughtfulness.

These are just a few thoughts to help you get your brain turning about what to get that special someone that tells them how truly special they are. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Stick to that and you can’t go wrong.

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