Having Fun with Your Partner while Social Distancing


here are a lot of difficult parts of the current COVID crisis. But if you are anything like me, it is getting more and more difficult to keep entertained. I have taken my dog on walks, I have watched Netflix constantly, I have cooked great meals. I know I have felt at the end of my rope. And if I were to take a guess, I am not by myself in that. So here are a few ideas on fun things to try with your partner during quarantine.

Pick Up an Old Hobby Again

One of the best cures for tense situations is silliness. This is why awkward comedies like “The Office” can be so funny. And let me tell you, I have not felt more silly than my recent attempts at getting on a skateboard for the first time since my early college years. Picking up a hobby that you have to relearn is a great a great way to find some silly fun during a really tense time. Depending on the activity, it might even help you get some exercise in. And I can not imagine anything more silly than trying to then teach that hobby to your partner.

Picking up an old hobby is also a good idea for some scientific reasons. Your brain has a difficult time learning new things when it is in “survival mode.” While you might not be under fight for your life amounts of stress, you are most likely experiencing some amount of stress just because you are more isolated. Picking up an old hobby allows your brain to work on recall instead of attempting to learn something new.


I am a broken record on this point. Obviously, I urge everyone to be responsible and social distance as recommended. Currently, we are still able to go outside though. So make sure you get that sun and fresh air! Because of things outside of our control, our ability to keep up the connection we need is being limited. So make sure that you supplement this by focusing on the things that you need that you are still able to get. Get Your activity level up and get some vitamin D from the sun. It is not going to be a magic, cure-all, but it will help improve your mood.

Turn Simple Things into Games

Turning little things in your everyday into a game is a great way to entertain each other while distancing.  Get creative, but here is a game that I ask couples I work with to play. 

Both You and your partner want to find something kind that you can do for your partner. Something that you think would make them smile or make their day easier. The catch, be sneaky and figure out how to hide it was you. If you get caught or your partner figures it out, you have to find a new thing. Whoever got away with more kind acts without getting caught by the end of the week wins.

If you are trying to find ways to find fun in your relationship again, give The Marriage & Family Clinic a call.


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