He Said/She Said: Great Valentine’s Day Ideas

He Said/She Said: Great Valentine’s Day Ideas

Dear Aaron & Rachel

As if Valentine’s Day isn’t hard enough, it’s on a Tuesday this year! Any ideas of what a person can do for Valentine’s Day? I’d love to guy a guy and gal’s opinion on what to do.


Lost on Valentine’s Day

Rachel RussoShe Said

Ah, Valentine’s Day. As a matchmaker & dating/relationship coach with a long history in the love industry, it is one of my favorite holidays. I just love to celebrate love! I know that some couples – whether newly dating or together for years – actually dread it. They complain about the “Hallmark Holiday” and the $250 prix fixe dinner; the fact that they don’t need an assigned day to celebrate their love. Maybe they just don’t know how to celebrate in a way that feels authentic for their relationship. Here are a few ideas that can help any couple love Valentine’s Day (almost!) as much as I do:

For The Couple Who Wants To Dine Together: If you want to stick with the food theme; you can take a cooking class or test out some new recipes at home. Meal delivery services like Blue Apron make it is easy to cook together. All you need is some candles to make takeout romantic!

For The Couple Who Wants To Work Out Together: Nothing like a good sweat with someone you love to get those sparks flying! New experiences strengthen your bond. Try a new class: Yoga, Zumba, Ballroom dance, Pilates, Rowing….the possibilities are endless.

For The Couple Who Wants To Relax Together: Trade in your usual Netlfix on the couch for a couple’s massage at the spa! Most spas offer some awesome discounted spa packages for couples around February 14th. Just look on Groupon for inspiration.

For The Couple Who Wants To Laugh Together: A You can also see a comical show, sites like BroadwayForBrokePeople can help you do it on the cheap. Not everyone can shell out money for a $200 prix fixe dinner. Looking for a quote or two on why it’s the thought that counts; it’s not about the money spent. Also, looking for ideas.

Sure, fancy dinners are nice; but you can make some really great memories that will bond you together as a couple if you try something new. Start with any of the ideas above and go from there. The world is really your oyster….

He SaidAaron-Anderson-Marriage-Counselor-small

Thanks for your e-mail! You’re not the only person wondering what the heck to do for Valentine’s day. No matter what day it’s on, there are always tons of questions about what to do. The BEST thing you can do is to do something new. Valentine’s Day should be a special day where you celebrate each other as a couple. As such, it shouldn’t be like regular old date night. So try some of these to make Valentine’s Day extra special (and extra fun!):

For the Couple Who Likes To Play Together: Finding something fun isn’t as difficult as it looks. Find a fun center near you and just go. There’s go-karting, miniature golfing, bowling, arcades, laser tag, etc. Depending on the fun center, they may even have bumper cars and paint balling. Sure, it’s not romantic but if you’re more of a fun couple this will be something you’ll both be talking about for a long time.

For The Couple Who Likes to Make Love Together: Go to a book store and pick up a Kama Sutra-like book. There are lots to choose from these days – for the vanilla couples and more experimental couples alike. Then on the way home stop into an adult novelty shop and pick up something new to try. Put on some music, light some candles and (most importantly) don’t rush.

For The Couple Who Doesn’t Get Out Much: Sometimes kids and/or work just doesn’t let you get out much as a couple.  So this Valentine’s Day make an investment into your date night. Services like Unbox Love and Date Box Club deliver a date once a month to your house in a box! No planning ahead, no reservations. And you can do them from home!

For The Couple Who Likes Gifts: If you’re more into gifts than dates, checkout PersonalCreations.com and look at their Red Envelope Collection. They have personalized gifts like his & her bathrobes, personalized jewelry, personalized bedroom pillows, etc. Have a browse around their site for lots of unique ideas your partner will love.

About Rachel: Rachel Russo is a Dating, Relationship, & Image Coach who works with marriage-minded singles and couples in NYC and throughout the US. Checkout her website at RachelRusso.com

About Aaron: Aaron Anderson is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Director of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado and writer for various websites on marriage and relationships.

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