Getting the New Year Off to a Great Start without Traditional Resolutions

Getting the New Year Off to a Great Start without Traditional Resolutions

resolutionsJanuary can be a time for reflection and setting goals. For many of us it signifies a new beginning and a chance to try again. But ever cringe when someone asks you what your New Year’s resolutions are? If this is a significant time of year and it feels right to set some resolutions then you should do so. There are some great ways to not only set personal resolutions but also be intentional with your partner in setting New Year’s resolutions for your relationship, and even your kids, with tips on guiding your child in setting New Year’s goals.

Sometimes though, New Year’s resolutions can feel overwhelming and judgmental. Sometimes they are about fixing something, which implies that something about us is broken. So this year, how about just showing up? Here are four ways to skip the traditional resolutions, show up for your life, and get the year off to a great start.

Great Resolutions that aren’t Resolutions

Pick a Word. If you were to pick one or two words as a theme for your life what would they be? Try it and remember this word as you make decisions and daily choices in the coming days. For some, words might include “brave”, “present”, “strength’, or even “rest”. Your word and the meaning behind it can be as individual as you. Use this word to be intentional with your words and actions.

couple-having-coffeeChallenge Yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Try a new hobby, ask for that raise, or invite that cute guy to get coffee. Ask yourself about the worst that can happen. If it still feels tolerable, try it! There might be a risk but the potential benefits could be huge; you could fall in love with a new skill, a new person, and even yourself.

Set Goals. Set small, attainable, realistic goals. Remember that star chart that made you want to earn as many star stickers as possible when you were a kid? Make one – or something like it. A visual where you can see your progress toward where you want to be can be very motivating. Celebrate your victories and enjoy the process.

Show Up. Pick one thing every day and show up for it. Literally. Pick an enjoyable activity, or something to look forward to every day and stick with the plan to do it. When you are feeling stuck, creating a schedule and sticking to it can help. Every day might not be the same. Some days it might be all you can do to carve out six minutes to show up for a hot shower. Other days maybe you can create two hours to enjoy our favorite movie, a favorite meal, or even go on a mini adventure.

This year was hard for a lot of people. If the idea of New Year’s resolutions feels judgmental, vague or just way too overwhelming, try just showing up. Step by step, amazing things can happen when you commit to showing up for life.


About the Author
Amanda Regalia, M.A. is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. Amanda specializes in working with families and children ages 5 and up. She is passionate about helping people to create practical solutions that support them in achieving their goals and improving their relationships and life.


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