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Every family goes through difficult times. As people grow and evolve physically, mentally, and emotionally, issues and conflicts are bound to arise. Our family counseling services help your family navigate through the challenging times and turn conflicts into bonding opportunities.

How to Maintain Balance During the Holiday Season
Children move through several challenging stages on their way to adulthood. Adults experience significant life changes of their own related to work, finances, parenting, aging, and more. And when your family is seeing a child or a loved one experience the challenges that often come up in families, it feels daunting, stressful and scary.

The Marriage and Family Clinics in Westminster, CO, Spanish Fork, UT and Summerlin, NV, offers family counseling services tailored to your family’s needs. By working with you to understand the unique stressors you and your loved ones are experiencing, we can provide assistance and guidance that help you reestablish strong, healthy, respectful relationships as your family evolves. And we don’t stop there. We also help you to know how to grow together over time so your family can stay close through all the growing you do. 

From healing old wounds to creating a peaceful home environment, we can empower you to get on and stay on the path to greater happiness and peace of mind. The key is taking the first step. 

There is no shame in admitting your family can benefit from an outside perspective. All families can. And it certainly isn’t a sign of “weakness” to participate in family counseling. It’s actually a sign of your strength and commitment to helping everyone in your family live their best lives. 

Initial family counseling phone consultations are free. Contact us today to make free initial phone consultation or schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to get started right away helping your family get back to feeling close again. 


Restoring Vital Relationships

The most important thing any of us have are our relationships with family members. And while we can damage them with our words and actions, we can also repair them with effort and the assistance of a skilled and compassionate family counseling expert.

It may feel like nothing will ever change about your dysfunctional interactions with your partner, children, or other family members. But the families we work with typically develop positive forward momentum quickly once they establish goals and start working toward them.

Families that have begun feeling like their home is the last place they want to be can learn to make it a refuge where everyone is respected and supported again. Even before issues are fully resolved, they see the benefits of time with an experienced counselor and have hope for their family’s future.
That optimism is a powerful motivator for working even more diligently at addressing even the most long-held, deeply internalized issues.
At The Marriage and Family Clinic, we can help you make your house feel like home again, restoring the harmony and happiness you once had and are eager to regain.

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