Divorce Support Group

divorce helpOur Getting Back Up After Divorce support group for women at The Marriage and Family Clinic is designed with you in mind: A woman who knows the pain of divorce and wants to shake off that baggage to get back on your feet again.

During your divorce you felt embarrassed. You felt like everyone was looking down on you and questioning what your part was in your failed marriage. Even after you’re divorced, you still feel the sting of judgmental questions. You feel like there’s a red flag painted on you that lets everyone know you’re divorced. This is affecting your your self-esteem, your relationships with your friends and family and even with your children. It’s even affecting your job performance. You’re also struggling with getting along with your ex and creating a successful co-parenting relationship.

We can help.

Our divorce support groups will help you:

  • Stop self-blame.
  • Do away with feelings of guilt and shame about your failed marriage.
  • Address your personal doubt about your relationship worthiness.
  • Re-build your self-esteem again.
  • Learn how to address parenting matters with your ex without getting caught in the same old fights that caused your divorce in the first place.
  • Move on to new relationships confidently.
  • Create the future you want right now.

Even if you’re currently going through divorce these groups are for you.

Stop going to bed feeling lonely and dazed. Call us today to register for the group at 720-648-8285.

You can also go online to reserve your spot by clicking here:  Schedule Appointment