Create Some Excitement in Your Marriage!

Create Some Excitement in Your Marriage!

It’s a common thing. A couple starts dating, there’s excitement and romance; The couple gets engaged and there’s more excitement and romance; They get married and there’s even more excitement and romance. Then over time all that excitement and romance goes away.  It’s not like you’re unhappy. It’s not like all the sudden you started arguing a lot more and that’s why the excitement romance went away. It’s just that life happened.

There’s a lot of practical things in life  that couples face together that aren’t necessarily romantic or exciting. So when couples go through them, wouldn’t you know it, they don’t get a lot of excitement or romance out of them.

Don’t fret. Like I said before lots of couples go through this. And there are some really good things couples can do to help themselves create romance and excitement out of their otherwise non-exciting and unromantic things.

I wrote an article for that details three specific things to help couples create more excitement and in their relationship. It’s really good advice (if I can say so myself). Read here about How to create Excitement in Your Marriage. And don’t forget to write me to tell me if it was any good or not. I love comments and e-mails.

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