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Caring Child Counseling Services in Westminster, CO

For all the playtime they enjoy, it’s not easy being a kid. Today’s children face even more stressors than their parents did.

It’s challenging to support a child’s mental and emotional health because they don’t often ask for help. Children often lack the vocabulary and are just learning the emotional intelligence to describe when they’re feeling depressed, anxious, traumatized, etc. They may sulk, cry or act out in certain ways, but it’s hard to tell whether this is just “going through a phase” or if it’s something bigger.

Here, they will be able to speak their mind freely and clearly and get the help for the challenges they’re experiencing.

The experienced and compassionate child counseling experts at The Marriage and Family Clinic help children from around the area, including Westminster CO, Spanish Fork UT, and Summerlin, NV. We create a safe, no-pressure, judgment-free environment where your child can relax in the comfort of one our therapy rooms with one of our skilled and safe child therapists.

Using various approaches tailored to your child’s needs, we gently encourage them to identify and understand their emotions and learn healthy ways to handle them. We also strong encourage parental involvement throughout their therapy so that you’re both learning skills to help your child. 

Initial child counseling consultations are free, and you can schedule a phone consultation by calling our office. We’re also happy to answer any questions you have about our child counseling services. 

Child Counseling for Emotional Issues and Behavioral Problems

A child’s emotions and actions are tightly intertwined. Even when a problem behavior seems unrelated to anything in a child’s life or experience, there is virtually always a connection.
Our child counseling experts have deep expertise in “reading between the lines” of behavioral problems and getting to the root of the issue. Whether your child’s behavior is driven by a recent change in their life, problems at school, a damaged relationship with you or your partner, or other causes, we can give you and them a better understanding of what’s happening and how to get onto a healthier path.

Handling Sensitive Issues with Awareness and Empathy

Child counseling experts at The Marriage and Family Clinic respect and can relate to the sensitive nature of a child’s mental and emotional health challenges. Whether from our own childhood, our children, or our work with other kids, we’ve got extensive expertise in spotting issues, connecting them to causes, and developing treatment plans that can make a profound difference in a child’s life. Plus, by extension, our work with kids greatly benefits families.

When children and their families leave our office(s) following a child counseling session, they feel heard and understood. That alone can start the healing process and make everyone involved excited about the future for the child and the people in their life.

Personalized Child Counseling

At a high level, the experience of being a child can seem fairly standardized. They wake up, eat, dress, and play or attend school on a regular schedule. Later, they have an evening meal, play some more or study, and go to bed. So, it’s easy to compare two children and be perplexed about why they behave so differently.

But within each segment of their day, there are countless interactions with others and simply with the thoughts in their head that make their experience totally unique. That’s why our approach to child counseling doesn’t follow any “formula”.

We get to know you and your child and don’t attempt to provide advice or propose solutions until we’re confident we understand all the relevant dynamics. And throughout our engagement with your family, we continue to provide guidance that considers current events and issues in your child’s life.

The sooner you help your child address their challenges, the faster they can overcome them. Schedule an appointment online today with a licensed child therapist at The Marriage and Family Clinic.

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