Celebrating Valentine’s Day Solo: Oh, the Perks!

Celebrating Valentine’s Day Solo: Oh, the Perks!


So, you made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve solo and you only have one more holiday to go until you’re in the clear.  Only Valentine’s Day has a way of making the most confident single gals – or guys – question their relationship status.  As commercialized, Valentine’s Day is that one-day a year when singles shudder.  However, there are a number of perks to being single on February 14th that we fail to realize as we’re watching couples canoodle over dinner for two.  So, if you are going to find yourself sitting alone sulking this Saturday evening, try instead to make the most out of your weekend. Her are a few ideas:

Celebrate the Awesomeness that is You

Just because you’re without a date, doesn’t mean you are less amazing.  Treat yourself to your own Valentine’s Day gift to celebrate your awesomeness.  I love Godiva chocolate, but my bank account isn’t too fond of the price.  However, once in a blue moon it’s okay to splurge on something special for yourself.  I believe the most important love is the love you show yourself.  So, be your own Valentine and treat yourself to a gift that you will actually appreciate without having to secretly return it for store credit.

Cuddle Up with Someone Hot

I love sappy movies for all the cuteness and, of course, hot actors.  Pick out a few feel-good movies and cuddle up on your couch for a night in.  Not only do you save money on an overpriced dining experience, you aren’t exposed to ridiculous amounts of Public Displays of Affection.  Plus, you get to have a date with your favorite Hollywood leading lady, or man.  Ordering take-out, cuddling up under your favorite comfy blanket, and turning on the latest blockbuster could turn out to be the ultimate night in.

Show a Little Love 

So, you don’t have a date on the big day.  However, there may be a creature that depends on you for love and support.  That’s right…your furry friend.  Your dog or cat may be the one constant that has been there for you through thick and thin, every breakup, difficult life event, or times when you are too busy to share your attention.  Why not show your fur child(ren) how much you love and appreciate their undying love by celebrating Valentine’s Day with them?  So, you can’t take them out for a fancy candlelit dinner, but you can buy them a new toy or treat – which will mean the world to them.

Plan a Singles Only Dinner Party

If you find yourself without a date this holiday, meet up with single friends.  Whether you’ve been single for a while or are recently a party of one, meeting up with your single friends on Valentine’s Day is one of the best ways to spend the evening.  Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love, not just romantic love.  An evening of bonding with friends is a fun way to cultivate a little more love while celebrating your friendship.  After all, lovers can come and go, but friends are forever.

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about celebrating the romantic love you share with a partner.  You can use this day to celebrate the bond you share with friends or how amazing you are as a person.  If these reasons aren’t enough to get you out of your slump and avoiding stores until February 15th, just think about the fact that you don’t have to worry about what to buy; because let’s face it, searching for the perfect gift sucks.

Also, the pressure is off!  Whether you think Valentine’s Day is commercialized or not, you don’t have to deal with the stress of living up to anyone’s expectations and the possibility of potentially letting them down.  Overall, there’s less disappointment.  So, get out there, buy your own treats, and show everyone the perks of being single on the day of love we celebrate called Valentine’s Day!

Lori Dougherty is a Marriage and Family Counselor at The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. As a marriage and family counselor, she helps couples navigate the many difficulties that arise in their relationship. She also helps couples rebuild happiness together so they can have the fulfilling relationship with their partner they’ve always wanted.

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