Celebrate mother’s day with your wife

Well, Mother’s day is about over. I hope you lived it up and enjoyed watching your children flower your wife with compliments. Only one last thing to do: Tell your wife how much you love her as a mother. No, I don’t mean that in some sort of twisted nearly incestuous way. What I mean by that is to tell her all the the great ways that she is a mother and how much you appreciate her as a mother to your children. Too often, couples look at each other as lovers and minimize their parental roles. The opposite is also true. That is, couples often look at each other as a parent and not as a lover. I talk about the latter topic in my valentine’s day posts. Since this is mother’s day, this post will focus on the former.

Regardless of what kind of couple you are, it’s okay to use today to appreciate your wife as a mother  Now that all the kids are in bed and you got dinner all cleaned up, take a few moments to tell your wife about all the wonderful motherly things you appreciate about her. She may hear compliments from her friends and get rewards from your children sometimes but it means something more when she hears compliments coming from the person she chose to spend the rest of her life with. She could use a little adult conversation telling her how great she is as a mother. You never know, you may get a little adult time in exchange. 😉

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