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Men’s and Women’s Primitive Needs and Why They’re Important.

Fighting couples will usually  often found themselves saying “you just don’t understand me”. And in my experience as a marriage counselor, I have come to the definitive conclusion that they are absolutely right! Men and women really are different – and I don’t just mean anatomically. Their motivations are different. how they want to connect… Continue Reading

Ready for Mother’s Day? Great Gift Ideas Bound to Impress.

To mother’s  everyday is a work day. By being a “mom” you also take on many other titles. You are the maid, the chef, the chauffeur  the accountant, the dietitian, the home nurse, occasionally a referee, and always the listening ear. It is tough, but most mom’s wouldn’t change it for a minute! Happiness comes from… Continue Reading

Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Hi Aaron, I wanted to write and ask you a question about cheating partners. My Fiance’ and I have been dating for two years. and have been engaged for six months. He and I actually began dating when he was still with someone. Their relationship was going down the tubes and then we met at… Continue Reading

Letter From a Reader: Is Postpartum Depression Real?

Hi Aaron, I just read your post about how your sex life can change after having a baby. If you don’t mind, I wanted to ask you a question (feel free to answer on your blog) about postpartum depression and if it’s a real thing or not. I just had a baby three months ago.… Continue Reading

I Just Had a Baby. Is My Sex Life Over?

Everyone knows that life changes after a baby is born. You hear it all the time from friends, parents and great websites like the one you’re reading now. But no matter how much advice and preparation you get from your friends or parents, no one can ever fully prepare for how your life will change… Continue Reading

Do Gender Differences Really Cause Marital Problems?

I read the other day that men and women have only a 5% difference in their genetic makeup. However, men and monkeys on the other hand only have a 2% difference. This would mean that men have more in common with monkeys than with women. I don’t know whether that’s true or not but one… Continue Reading

Common Marriage Myths Dispelled

We’ve all heard random bits of advice about marriage. Advice such as ‘never go to bed angry’ or ‘children come first in marriage’. I’ve written several posts about these topics. And wouldn’t you know it, I found this great clip as I was browsing the other day which sum them all up pretty well. The… Continue Reading