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Yes, You Need A Vacation!

Yes, You Need A Vacation!

In therapy, everyone’s homework should be to take a vacation. Getting away has a million benefits – especially for couples. And especially during stressful times! Check out these 4 reasons to take a vacation from The Marriage and Family Clinic couples’ specialist, Chris Cummins:

#1 Break The Routine

Every day, you have been accustomed to the same routine. You wake up, have your morning coffee, go to work, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. At least, that’s over 90% of the couples I see. Not only that, somehow your weekends probably ended up in a regular routine as well. Break the cycle and get away for a vacation!

Routines are just fine – they help you to feel comfortable and help your life to be more predictable. But life gets monotonous after a while – week after week, month after month, something’s gotta give! Go ahead and do something new by taking a vacation, away from the ordinary, and enjoy your spouse again without that daily stress.

#2 Sex, Of Course

After you get away from that boring, everyday routine, you’ll be more inclined to have more (and better) sex! You’re no longer in the same bed in the same habits as you always have. This thought will spark novelty and excitement. Re-ignite the spark in the bedroom and get away – for your sex life’s sake!

#3 Re-Prioritize Time Together

Vacation is one way to plan and set aside time specifically for quality time together as a couple. There is nothing more romantic than putting thought and effort into your love for one another. Make it fun by vacation planning together, anticipating the fun and exciting times you’ll have, and being present when you’re actually on vacation. Throw your phone in the ocean (or off the mountain) and re-focus on your spouse.

#4 Appreciate Each Other

Let’s be honest – over time, it takes some conscious effort to appreciate your partner and remember all of their fantastic qualities. When you have to deal with everyday stress, get easily distracted by technology, and work is always on your mind, it’s hard to notice your spouse like you should. Take this time to appreciate one another and the reasons you got together in the first place. Be grateful that you have this time and remember it for when you return to your daily routines. The memories from a vacation can keep you in a loving mood for longer than you would think.

Yes, you need a vacation. Break the routine and enjoy your spouse without all that daily stress. Have more and better sex by re-sparking novelty and excitement through getting away. Re-prioritize your time with your spouse by being intentional about planning quality time together. Lastly, appreciate one another and remember what brought you together in the first place. Take a vacation – your therapist recommends it.

Chris Cummins Marriage Counselor

About The Author

Chris Cummins is a couples counselor at The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, Colorado. He focuses on working with with couples in high conflict and couples who are experiencing substance abuse. Living in Colorado, Chris enjoys hiking traveling and anything else outdoors.

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