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How to Have a Summer Romance with Your Spouse

How to Have a Summer Romance with Your Spouse

Summer Lovin’ Had me a Blast. Summer Lovin’ Happened so fast.

Remember the days of summer lovin’? It seems like it really was out of a movie. Those care free summer days where you could spend time cuddling under the stars seem like they’re long gone. But they don’t have to be. Just because you’re older and have responsibilities doesn’t mean you can’t have a summer romance. And yes, it can be just as exciting and thrilling as when you were a kid. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I mean having a summer romance with your spouse. Here’s how:


How to have a Summer Romance with your Spouse

Do New Summer Things

Back Then: One of the things that made those summer romances so special was the new things you did that summer. Think about it, when you met that certain someone they made you try that new restaurant you weren’t sure about, or you went to that new place down by the dock you always wondered about. You were trying new things with someone new and that’s partly what made it so exciting.

Now: Now that you’re older you’ve probably found a routine that works for you both. You probably go to the same restaurants, go out with the same friends, and may even have the same plans to to DIY yard stuff on weekends. While routine is predictable and safe, it’s also not very exciting. So challenge yourselves this summer to get out and do new things. Go that music festival,

Spend Some Vacation Time Together As a Couple

Back Then: Everyone remembers being crammed together as a family on the long car rides growing up. You complained about them back then but now that you’re older you look back and remember them with fondness. If you look back, though, you’ll probably notice that your parents weren’t with you the whole time. Inf act, some of the funner times you had may have been when you and your siblings got to go to the pool all by yourselves. Or when you were in the bedroom with your cousins while the parents were outside talking.

Now: Now that you’re older you want to make sure you give your kids broad experiences as a family but don’t forget to take time for yourselves as well. The kids will enjoy having some time to themselves, and you’ll enjoy having some time away from them as well. Plus, vacation spots that are great for families usually have some great things for couples as well.  Here is a list of four things you can do together in case you need some help. 

Let Go a Little

Back Then: When you were younger, summers were great because there was hardly any responsibility. You were on summer break and the world was your oyster. You could stay out as late as you wanted, you could wake up when you wanted. You ate what you wanted when you got hungry, etc.

Now: Your life is full of responsibilities so you make sure that you’re on top of them with very little room for error. But guess what? It’s summer time for you, too! So let go a little bit. You can stay up a little later with your spouse watching the stars, stop in on the way home and pick up some dessert for just the two of you for later, and even sleep in a little bit on a weekends together (the kids can make cereal for themselves). You’ll feel young and carefree again!

Car Rides

Back Then: When you were younger having a drivers license meant freedom. You’d make random appearances at friends’ houses on the off chance that they’d be home, Sometimes you didn’t even know what you were going to do and you just jumped in the car and went wherever the wind took you. You had the window(s) down (because the a/c on that old crappy car didn’t work) and you just drove.

Now: You can’t help but be worried about the miles you’re putting on your car and you don’t want to have spend gas money if you don’t have to. But hopping in the car with your spouse and going for a drive is a great way to have a summer romance with them. Don’t make any plans, don’t worry about the miles you’re putting on your car and just drive. See what you guys come up with. Oh! and don’t take the minivan!

About the Author:

Aaron Anderson Marriage Counselor


Aaron Anderson is a therapist and Director of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. He is a writer, speaker and relationship expert. He specializes in working with couples learn to communicate and overcome sexual difficulties.

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