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The Rx Around The World: 3 Essential Tips For Disciplining Your Children

Every parent wishes their children came with an instruction book. There are things that come up with your children that you could never have imagined. If only you knew how to deal with it, right?

Knowing How to Discipline is Hard

One area where this occurs a lot is in disciplining. No parent wants to be that jerk who’s too hard on their kid. But you worry, too about the consequences of if you’re too soft on them. You wonder ‘Will they learn what they need to learn?’ ‘Will they become the responsible adult they need to be in order to have a happy life?’ No wonder so many parents stress about disciplining.

In this week’s edition of The Rx Around The World, I wrote an article for  that details  three essential disciplining tips for parents. The tips help parents make sure they’re not parenting too harshly while still making sure that your children are learning what they need to in order to be successful and happy. These tips include 1) Make Sure The Time  Fits The Crime. 2) Don’t discipline out of anger and 3) Let natural consequences be the only consequences as much as possible.

Now, I don’t expect you to know exactly what these are and how to implement them just from reading them here. That’s why I wrote the article. 🙂 So click this link to read the details of the three essential disciplining tips for parents. 

Rx Around The World: Interview with Aaron About Appropriate Child Discipline

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The Rx Around the World: Radio Interview with Aaron Anderson

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