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Fall in Love With Yourself Before You Fall in Love

Fall in Love With Yourself Before You Fall in Love

Everyone dreams of that fairy tale relationship. You know, the one where you meet coincidentally and then madly fall in love with each other. Then after you fall madly in love, it’s a quick trip down aisle and off to your happily ever after. But there’s only one problem. Life is not a fairy tale.… Continue Reading

What How I Met Your Mother Teaches Us about Love

How I Met Your Mother is one of those sitcoms that has it all: comedy, fear, love and heartbreak. But over the course of the 8+ seasons, HIMYM has taught us all a little bit about love, too. While the road to meaningful, lasting relationships is often not a straight line, the beloved sitcom shows… Continue Reading

Am I (Still) In Love?

Here at The Rx we focus on giving information for all your important relationships: your marriage, family, siblings, children, whatever. This week’s letter comes from a woman who’s engaged. She writes: Dear Aaron, I’ve been engaged for a little over a year and we’ve been dating for a year before that. The marriage date is late this… Continue Reading

Guest Article: Encouraging Greatness in Our Kids

Have you ever wondered who you would be today if someone in your life had believed in you when you were a child; had encouraged you to go after your dreams and what was in your heart, had told you that you could do or be anything you wanted?  Maybe you were the kid who had that! … Continue Reading

Relationship Fitness

You’ve probably noticed the weather getting warmer and the grass getting greener outside. Aaah, summer is coming. Your kids are beginning to get excited thinking about all the fun things they’re going to do when school gets out and you can’t help but get excited with them. With all this summer excitement buzz you can’t… Continue Reading