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Guest Article: Encouraging Greatness in Our Kids

Have you ever wondered who you would be today if someone in your life had believed in you when you were a child; had encouraged you to go after your dreams and what was in your heart, had told you that you could do or be anything you wanted?  Maybe you were the kid who had that!  That is rare, let me tell you.  Just take a good look around you, at your own life even. How often do you see people who struggle with believing in themselves; who settle for less than they really are or could be; who don’t really believe they are worth a whole lot?  The more I saw this in others and in myself, the more I wanted to be able to make a change in people’s lives!  I wanted to be able to see people free to be the individuals they have the potential to be!

Children Hear Too Many Negative Messages About Themselves

My observations took me back to childhood, my own childhood and the childhood of my children.  I will never forget the day that changed it all for me.  My older son came home from school one day heartbroken over one of his classmates.  He said that his friend didn’t think she was worth anything.  He said no matter how many times he told her all of the different things about her that were unique and special, she didn’t believe him.  She had already been crushed by the words of others.  This little girl was only 8 years old!!
That was the day that opened my eyes fully.  I realized just how crucial and important our words are to our children and the children around us.  Not enough children are hearing the truth about who they are!  This is one of the reasons that I wrote my book.  I wanted to be able to reach as many children as possible with the simple and profound truth that they were made for greatness!  Even if they heard it from no one else in their life, I wanted to be a voice of truth in their little worlds!

What Messages Are You Sending?

What about you?  Do you realize that the words we are saying right now to our kids are shaping them into the adults they will become?  I’m not saying that it is the only thing that shapes them, but it is a big part!  Are we seeing our children?  Are we encouraging them in their uniqueness?  Every child, every person is different, unique and special.  The words you use for one child may be completely different for another!  It is so important for us to become a student of our child.  Are you taking the time to really see who your child is?  Are you taking the time to encourage them in their little heart’s desires?
Again, think about yourself.  What if someone had done this for you as a child?  Where would you be today?  Who would you be today?  One of my favorite parts of my book says this:
            “What makes your heart sing? What makes you smile? What causes you to feel worthwhile?  These things are clues to help you find your very own greatness that is one of a kind.”

Send a Message To Your Child

Ask yourself those questions.  What dreams and desires have been stuffed away and dismissed for you?  What did you stop believing in long ago?  Now look at your children and ask those same questions.  Chances are you will start to see some amazing things in those special little people.  I encourage you, please take the time now, while they are still young, to communicate just how special they are and encourage them to follow their dreams! 
About the Author: Nichole Chapman lives in Thornton, Colorado with her husband, Daniel, and their two sons, Joey and Titus.  As she spoke with young adults and children alike, she was astounded at their lack of belief in themselves.  Her book reaches out to children everywhere to inspire them to realize their true value as a person and the potential they have to achieve greatness.