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14 Ways to Say I Love You for Valentine’s Day

14 Ways to Say I Love You for Valentine’s Day

Everyone knows Valentine’s day is for lovers. But a lot of people start sweating when Valentine’s day gets close because they don’t know what to do (or get) for their lover that shows how much their lover means to them. Well, what kind of relationship expert would I be if I didn’t have some ideas for how to show your lover you love them for Valentine’s day?

Below is a list of seven things you can do to say you love them. Stay Tuned because seven more will be coming next week:

Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Lover

1) Load up their iPod with love songs. Set it to play on their alarm clock when they wake up in the morning every day until Valentine’s day.

2) Leave a love note in their lunch box or on their steering wheel. Lipstick or soap on the mirror is fun too, but a little harder to clean off.

3) Send fourteen reasons you love your lover via text: Send one every hour or send one ever once in a while throughout their work day. They’ll feel flattered that you’re taking the time to do it. And they’ll love what you come up with

4) Not all ways to say ‘I love you’ are G-rated. Nor should they be. There are some things you do with your lover that you don’t do with anyone else. Pick some of their favorite R rated things and do one each day until Valentine’s day.

5) Give a massage. You might think this one’s cliche’ but I’ve never met anyone who has complained about a massage just because it’s cliche’. Don’t forget to get some oils and a massage vibrator to make it even better. Any oils from  would work. I recommend the Jojoba Oil . It’s a massage oil and a bath conditioner so they can use it when you’re not around and remember you.

6) Do their worst chores for them. Everyone has chores they hate:  doing laundry, washing the car, etc. Pick one chore that your spouse likes least and do it for them.

7) Chocolates. This is another one that sounds cliche. But again, no one’s ever complained about getting chocolates. So feel free to be cliche’. But don’t just get the chocolates for the big day. Get them a few days before for them to enjoy. Pretty much anything from is good. And try Godiva Valentine’s Gift Bag from Kohl’s (pictured below).

Remember, chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women so you can both enjoy the gift.

There’s plenty of other advice out there that might work for you. Do a simple web search and have a look. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the rest of the tips.

About the Author
Aaron Anderson is a therapist and Director of The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. He is a writer, speaker and relationship expert. He specializes in helping couples overcome stale relationships, sexual difficulties and infidelity. In his spare time (whatever that is) you’ll catch him restoring his hot rod or coaching his children’s soccer games.

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