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The Rx Around the World: Radio Interview with Aaron Anderson

As a marriage counselor, writer and speaker, I am frequently asked by various news, radio and website organizations to give them some information about…well, lots of things: marriage, sex, parenting, you name it. And I love doing it. I love the new experiences I have and the new friends I make. But I feel like… Continue Reading

Once a Cheater Always a Cheater?

Hi Aaron, I wanted to write and ask you a question about cheating partners. My Fiance’ and I have been dating for two years. and have been engaged for six months. He and I actually began dating when he was still with someone. Their relationship was going down the tubes and then we met at… Continue Reading

What if My Spouse Is a Serial Cheater?

What if My Spouse Is a Serial Cheater?

It’s one of the hardest things to handle when you find out your spouse has been cheating on you. It’s an even harder thing to find out that they’ve had a habit of it for a long time. In fact, in all my experience as a marriage counselor in Westminster, Colorado one of the things that… Continue Reading

My spouse cheated. Should I forgive them?

Finding out that your spouse has been cheating on you is painful, shocking and infuriating. It shocks you and your relationship to the core. It makes you question whether your relationship was legitimate or if it was just a game of pretend. Unfortunately, too many spouses  experience this pain, anguish, and uncertainty Do I Have to… Continue Reading

Q & A Interview with Aaron Anderson

I was interviewed the other day by Heather Paxell. She is the editor for a relationship and dating website called This is a great website with lots of really good advice on relationships from real relationship professionals. Some of these professionals include relationship expert and author Laurie Puhn, relationship and sex expert, Dr.FeliceDunas, and relationship expert Dawn Caryl… Continue Reading

Why do spouses cheat?

After I work with couples who are recovering from an affair for a while and their marriage begins healing, the injured partner always (and I mean always) wants to know one thing from the other partner: They want to know why they did it. Why did they cheat? In fact, for a lot of spouses… Continue Reading

Is My Husband Having an Affair?

A client came in a while ago by herself for marriage counseling. She saw my website  and scheduled an appointment on my online calendar. I knew nothing about this client, just that her name was Suzanne and she was coming in for marriage counseling. That was the only information she gave me in her online appointment.… Continue Reading