7 Mother’s Day gifts that will improve your relationship

7 Mother’s Day gifts that will improve your relationship

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we all have someone special in our lives we want to celebrate. Whether you and your partner have human children, furry babies or a turtle your partner plays the role of mommy to them and you appreciate her for that. The stores are full of special offers and sales for all kind of moms. What about doing something this time that can actually improve your relationship with the woman in your life, too? Choose one or choose all, this ideas will demonstrate affection and strengthen your marriage:

7 Mothers Day Gifts That Will Improve Your Relationship:

Give her a chance to take care of herself: take the kids for a little extra time to give her the space to recharge. She gets to decide what to do with that time. Bonus point tip: bring her a delicious beverage or a yummy snack while she does it and you will reap on the benefits of a rested and affectionate spouse.

Sign up for a class or join an activity: Pick an activity that she hasn’t tried and explore together. It could be a dessert cooking class, painting, horseback riding or even shooting.  Show appreciation for her interests (don’t worry, I’ll tell her to do the same on father’s day). It will be a great time to bond and you might find out that your wife is more fun than you remembered.

Tell her she how beautiful and important to you every day: Say it when she just got out of the shower and it is on her most beautiful natural self. Do it for at least an entire week. It will create a new pattern of showing love for both of you.

Send love text messages: It doesn’t have to be a love poem or marriage vows. Send silly pictures or emoji, a quick “thinking of you” or just the good old “I love you”. Keep the connection alive. It will improve your day too when she replies telling you she loves you “all the way to the moon and back”.

Value all her roles: Women are natural caretakers and constantly put on many hats to provide support for their loved ones. Pay attention to the roles she is playing at home, such as chauffer, nurse, therapist, friend, lover, handy-man….there will be plenty to acknowledge. Say something nice about how she is handling it all. Thank her for going above and beyond to keep everyone happy. If you can manage to make those affirmations in public you just scored an extra 1000 points for the relationship bank.

Give her “sex coupons”: Make it fun and sexy with creative things you can do to her. Save a couple blank ones so she can come up with sexy things she wants to try. The anticipation of a night of pleasure and intimacy will have her thinking of you all day.

Choose her over work:  Men feel the pressure to be a provider and will work hard to put food on the table. This dedication is remarkable and highly appreciated, but will put a distance in your relationship. As much as financial stability is important for a family, a couple can survive without contact. Set healthy boundaries at work and don’t do overtime unless you absolutely need to. Come home earlier or leave home later sometimes to get that extra time together.

You don’t have to wait for special holidays to show appreciation for your spouse. We all love to be heard and feel important in our relationship. Start today making small changes that can restore a stale marriage or to maintain the affection of the early days.


About the Author: Patricia Cochran is a marriage counselor with The Marriage and Family Clinic. She is passionate about helping couples and families to feel connected again. In her spare time, she is busy with her toddler and enjoying friends and family time.

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