7 Anniversary Ideas for your Husband


Your first anniversary is paper, second is cotton, third is leather, and the list goes on. While there might be specific gifts you’re supposed to give for every year you are married, celebrating your anniversary is much more than just that. Your anniversary is a special time to show your husband how much he means to you. It is a celebration of your marriage and life together and every anniversary should be treated as a special occasion. But, the longer you are married, the harder it becomes to think of ways to celebrate. Sure, that list of anniversary gifts you’re supposed to give goes all the way to 60 years, but who’s really getting their husband something made out of ruby to celebrate 40 years together? Whether you have been married for one year or 50, your anniversary is an important occasion. Celebrate it the right way with these 7 anniversary ideas for your husband:

Beer Brewing Kit

Is anything more manly than making your own beer? I didn’t think so! If your husband is a big beer drinker and always looking for different types of beer to try out, get him his own beer brewing kit for an anniversary gift. It will definitely be a gift he will appreciate.

Wedding Vow Art

If you two are still in your honeymoon phase and you want a sweet way to commemorate that, wedding vow art is a very meaningful gift. You can turn your wedding vows into artwork you can hang on the wall, so every time your husband looks at it, he will think of your wedding day. You can customize the piece however you like, so it can suit your husband’s style.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized anniversary gifts for husband are always more meaningful than something he could just go out and buy himself. You select a photo and then get it imprinted on a pillow, mug, canvas, and more. What better way to say “I love you” than with a photo from your wedding day on the pillow your husband will sleep on?

Weekend Getaway

Sometimes the best gifts are not things you hold, but experiences you and your husband can have together. If you are celebrating a milestone in your marriage and want to do something extra special, plan a weekend getaway. Pick somewhere your husband has always wanted to go, get an luxurious vacation rental for the weekend, and plan out some romantic activities you can do together. Did someone say rose-petal-filled bathtub?

Outdoor Pizza Oven

Does your husband complain that he is getting bored with just grilling food and wants to experiment with other ways of cooking outside? Is he also a pizza lover? If you said yes to both of those questions, you definitely need to get your husband an outdoor pizza oven for your anniversary gift. He can enjoy making the pizzas, and you can sit back and enjoy eating them. It is a win-win situation, if you ask me.

Get His Favorite Food Delivered

If your husband’s favorite food is from this one bakery on the other side of the country, surprise him by getting it delivered. You can order gourmet food from restaurants across the country and get it delivered right to your doorstep through a specialty food delivery service. Whether your husband’s favorite food is lobster from Maine or barbeque from Memphis, Goldbelly has it all!

Skincare Products

There is a good chance your husband doesn’t have a skincare routine, so why not make one for him? Treat him to a bunch of new skincare products so he can take his self-care to a whole new level. Plus, that way when you do your skincare routine at night, he can join in.

Just because you are together for longer does not mean your anniversary should get any less special. Small but meaningful gifts will make all the difference in your marriage. Your anniversary is an important day to celebrate the life you and your husband have built together, so make it memorable with any of these thoughtful anniversary ideas.


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