5 Ways To Help Your Spouse Conquer Drug Addiction

5 Ways To Help Your Spouse Conquer Drug Addiction


Most of us know someone with drug addiction. It is very hard to watch someone destroy their life with a drug addiction. However, it is even more difficult when this person is your own spouse. Fortunately, you can help your spouse overcome drug addiction. Below are five ways that you can help your spouse:

Help Yourself First

Being married to someone who has a drug addiction can be incredibly stressful. This stress can begin to take a toll on your physical and mental health. Before you attempt to help your spouse, it is important for you to manage your own stress. There are a variety of ways that you can take control of your stress. For example, spending some time away from your spouse can help reduce your stress. You may also want to get professional counseling.

Learn All You Can About Addiction

Some people think that an addict can simply stop using the drug if he or she really wanted to. However, addiction is far more complex than many realize. There are both psychological and physical factors that drive a person to use a drug. It is very difficult to help a person if you really do not understand the problem. That is why you should take the time to learn about addiction.


Encourage Your Spouse To Get Professional Help

Addiction is a disease. Just like any other disease, it is not going to go away unless it is properly treated. You will need to encourage your spouse to get professional help. Let your spouse know that you are encouraging him or her to get help because you truly care. You should also let your spouse know that you will continue to offer support while he or she attends drug rehab.


Communication is one of the keys to dealing with any type of problem. According to a leading drug rehab facility in St. Louis, many people who are battling drug addiction do not realize how much they are hurting their family members and friends. That is why you will need to communicate with your spouse and express your concerns.

Many people will get defensive when they are confronted about their drug problem. However, you should let your spouse know that you love him or her. You should also let your spouse know that you will be there for him or her.

Get Support

Despite the fact that addiction is a very common problem, it is still something that many people do not want to talk about with others. However, it is easier to deal with problems if you surround yourself with people who care about you. You should turn to close family members and friends for support. There are also addiction support groups.

A drug addiction can put a strain on a marriage. The good news is that you can help your spouse by learning more about addiction and managing your own stress. You will also need to discuss your concerns with spouse. Furthermore, you should seek support and encourage your spouse to get professional help.

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  1. This is a great article! Addiction can be perplexing and difficult for a spouse. It is so easy to just see the hurt the is caused by the addiction and become hyper focused on that alone. Understanding what is really going on is the first step to coming to the sort of detached, unemotional understanding that is necessary to really help. Great piece.


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