5 Tips For A Fall Romance

5 Tips For A Fall Romance

Fall is here! With the change in season, there is a change in routine which makes it difficult to maintain romance in your relationship. This Fall, don’t let the change in season destroy the romance between you and your partner. Check out these 5 tips for a fall romance.

5 Tips for a Fall Romance

1. Prioritize Date Night

With the hustle and bustle around back to school and ending Summer, date night can slip to the wayside. Often, couples come to therapy and realize that something is missing- they are not having the quality time they desire with their partner. And it makes sense! It can be difficult to add another “to-do” on your endless to-do list. However, quality time is essential for couples since it lets you reignite the spark in your relationship! With that being said, sit down with your partner, decide on a day and time that you can dedicate to having a date night (or day), and click here for date ideas this Fall season!

2. Cozy Up

One thing that distinguishes a romantic relationship from all others is romantic attraction and our ability to cozy up to our partners. As the weather begins to get cooler this season, draw your partner close! Research has shown that physical touch has an immense impact to our overall health and well-being. But specific to couples, physical touch can increase connection and emotional intimacy with your partner. That being said, cozy up to your partner and see where that may lead!

3. Make Traditions

The Fall season is the perfect time to create traditions with your partner. May be you and your partner love to go to pumpkin patches or have a pumpkin spice latte on Saturday mornings. Whatever it may be, spark some creativity and try something new with your partner that you want to continue each Fall season! Ultimately, this can create a sense of excitement each year as traditions can be something the two of you hold dear to your relationship.

4. Give Compliments

Many couples feel loved by hearing words of affirmation (compliments) from their partner. However, with busy Fall schedules, giving compliments can sometimes slip our minds. Instead, put compliments at the forefront of your mind. When your partner does something that you appreciate, makes you smile, or does something that makes you feel loved, let them know! This strategy can help you and your partner to focus on the good in your relationship and to gain awareness around what works well.

5. Provide a Lending Hand

With the change in season, there is typically additional household chores and yard work that didn’t exist before. Sometimes, couples have an understanding of who is going to do what chores (i.e. who is going to rake the leaves, who is going to prepare the house for out of town guests, etc). And to be frank, these chores can be overwhelming and difficult to task alone! This Fall, provide a lending hand to your partner and tackle chores together. Your partner will appreciate the effort you are putting forth and you will get more time to spend with your loved one! Find out more about how sharing chores can benefit your relationship.


Don’t let the change in season bring down your relationship. Now that you have read these tips, try these with your partner and see how your romance thrives this Fall!

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Amanda Cummins is an intern with The Marriage and Family Clinic. She focuses on working with couples in distress as well as families and children in transitions. As a Denver Native, Amanda enjoys hiking, yoga, and spending time with her family.

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