5 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

5 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl

There’s one thing, which effectively separates boys from the men –and that’s a woman. Just as you have to differentiate boys from men, in the same manner you should make a difference between girls and women.

Going to an online dating site, and trying to find yourself a proper date, a woman you can rely on and know will make a difference in your life, can often be a tedious task, an almost impossible endeavor.

But there are ways, there are certain patterns of behavior that can tell you whether you’re dating a girl or a woman. Here are five:

5 Signs You’r Dating a Woman, Not a Girl


Body awareness A girl is someone who just recently started discovering her own body. It will surprise her, but once she starts seeing how she can make men go crazy about her with just her body, she will start using that to her advantage. A girl will dress provocative, while a woman will know when she’s sexy, no matter what she wears. It doesn’t necessarily mean girls will be slutty, but if you notice that your date is putting too much effort into her looks rather than character, you’re probably dating a girl.

Paying the tab. Some twenty to thirty years ago, paying a tab was a normal thing for a man. It was even considered polite, gentlemanly. But nowadays, in a time when women strive for equality, financial equality is among the most important factors. A true woman will be financially independent and stabile – and most importantly – she won’t force you to pay the bills all the time. It’s OK to pay the tab once in a while, but a true woman needs a man to show her support and respect – not to pay her bills.

Ladylike behavior. Going out and getting wasted up until the point where you can’t even stand is something girls will do – but women will not. Same as with boys and men – women know their limits and will hold their liquor. Together with sign number five, girls will go out to nightclubs and get wasted. That is not a trait of a woman. A woman knows her manners.

Living on junk. Whether it’s TV, or food, or anything else for that matter, women know what class is – girls will opt for junk. Girls watch reality TV and Indian soap operas, women read a quality book. Girls will go out and hammer themselves on hamburgers and French fries, women will dine in a fine restaurant. Meaningless pop-culture kills a person, and no woman will allow that to happen to her.

You’re not her guardian. All of the signs above amount to one thing – you being her ‘guardian’. And true women don’t need guardians. They don’t need you to keep her safe, they don’t need you to pay her bills and widen her horizons. They need you for love, support and respect. Everything else they do by themselves. True women are truly independent.

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