5 Reasons to have a Summer Staycation with your Spouse

5 Reasons to have a Summer Staycation with your Spouse

Staycation is a “buzz word” these days – and for good reason! A staycation means that you do typical vacation activities within driving distance of home then you return to sleep in your own bed at night. Staycation activities could be: amusement parks, museums, community parks, hiking, fishing, going to the beach/lake, festivals, and more! There are plenty of ideas to celebrate vacation-style close to home. Here are 5 reasons to have a Summer staycation with your spouse!

1. No Travel Stress

As we all know, the combination of planning the vacation, unnecessary travel time, and costly expenses can cause stress on the relationship. In order to avoid that stress – pick the staycation route. The focus of having a staycation (or a vacation) is to relax and escape your daily life. In order to easily get to the point where you can relax, eliminate all of the usual traveling stressors.

2. Cost

Typical vacations cost A LOT of money! Airplane tickets (plus baggage fees), rental cars, hotels, activities – the list of vacation costs stack up fast.. With a staycation, you can simply load up the car and drive right to your destination(s). And since you and your spouse save so much money, you can do some extra splurging on staycation dates or buying items that will remind you of your staycation.

3. Less Travel Time

The process of vacationing takes a lot of unnecessary time on traveling tasks. First you pack anything and everything you think you will need, then you drive to the airport, stand in a long security line, wait in the airplane for take-off, fly for hours to your destination, wait to get off of the plane, wait in line for a rental car, drive to your hotel, wait for check-in at the hotel, then eventually you get back to the car to drive to your intended destination. With a staycation, all of that travel time could have been spent on quality time with your spouse!


4. Flexibility

Vacationing usually has a strict schedule. If you miss out on plans or spend too much time on one activity, you may miss the next item on the itinerary. Staycationing creates flexibility. You can create a plan of what you would like to do, but if you choose to go another route, you can always revisit the other option later since you are so close to home!

5. Spontaneity

A staycation can be spontaneous! There is no planning required, no packing required, and no unnecessary travel time. You can simply leave for one Summer weekend on a whim! This factor of spontaneity breaks the routine of your relationship. Getting out of your comfort zone will spark novelty and lead to more attraction in your relationship!

There are several benefits to staycationing with your spouse including: saving money, spending less time on travel, reducing travel stress, having flexibility, and encouraging spontaneity. There are so many benefits and so little reasons not to have a staycation. Have a wonderful Summer and plan a staycation with your spouse!

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Chris Cummins is an intern with The Marriage and Family Clinic. He focuses on working with substance abuse and couples in high conflict. Chris enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with his family.

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