3 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t on Your List but Should Be

3 New Year’s Resolutions That Aren’t on Your List but Should Be

New Year’s resolutions lists are filled with commitments to bigger, better, and more. Research indicates that the top New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight, going back to school, and getting a better job. Sound familiar? While all of these are good intentions, more than half of resolutions will be forgotten by the summer. So what are we missing? Many of us could benefit more from taking some simple steps to doing less in 2014.

Here are 3 New Year’s Resolutions That are Not on your List Now But Should Be:

Be Still. So much of the year is spent busying ourselves with to do lists filled with errands, cleaning, cooking, and countless other responsibilities. The amount of things we must get done can sometimes make us feel crazy. This year, make a resolution to set aside x amount of time each day to just “Be”.
The very idea of this can sometimes make us anxious, because being still will mean taking time away from getting all of those important (and not so important) things done. “Be still” time can be a time to reflect on the day and your intentions for the day. Some people might use this time to pray or meditate. The wonderful thing about “Be Still” time is that the rest of your day, with your “to do” list, will benefit! Having this time alone, without busyness, will benefit you in the long run, allowing you to re-focus and refresh yourself.
Unfriend. Many of our resolutions will include goals to make more friendships and to increase connectedness with friends we already have. This is great! But in some cases, we might also need to intentionally distance ourselves from relationships that are harming us.
Taking an honest look at our relationships with friends and family can be painful. Relationships are messy. A single hurt from a friend does not necessarily mean we must “unfriend” him but if your relationship indicates a pattern of betrayal and hurt, you should probably take a closer look. No, relationships are not always meant to serve you, but if they are consistently hurting you, the New Year provides a fresh start to sit down with friends and family and talk about how to make things better between you. Making distance doesn’t need to be forever, and you can re-evaluate your relationship again in the future.
Turn Off. Over 57% of the population is connected to social media including 1.4 billion Facebook users worldwide who spend over 650 billion minutes each month on Facebook with the average person spending just over 15 hours on Facebook each month. 15 hours! Imagine what we could accomplish if we simply cut this time in half.
Many people have several accomplishments they would like to achieve in 2014. Would “turning off” help you to focus on those goals in 2014? Would “turning off” allow you to focus your energy on the people around you and better your relationships? Our time and energy resources are valuable. Turning off our phones and other media can allow us to be more intentional with our actions and our interactions with others.
New Year’s Resolutions are usually commitments to being healthier and happier. More, bigger, better, faster, etc. isn’t always bad but it can sometimes make things overwhelming. These 3 resolutions can change your life and help you to achieve all of the other things on your New Year’s Resolutions list. Add them to your Resolutions this year and make 2014 the best that it can be!

Amanda Regalia, M.A. is a marriage and family counselor and clinician for The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. Amanda specializes in working with families and children ages 5 and up. She is passionate about helping people to create practical solutions that support them in achieving their goals and improving their relationships and life.

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  1. I have to admit, I got a little upset when I read "more than half of resolutions will be forgotten by the summer." My New Year's resolutions don't make it through the spring!

    I love the message of your post, though—do more with less. Make life more loving and less complicated.

    If you could… please repost this a few months from now!! 🙂


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