20 Creative Ways to Create Fun With your Partner

20 Creative Ways to Create Fun With your Partner

Fun?  Now you’re probably thinking, who has time for that? However, playing and having fun with your partner not only strengthens your bond, it also increases your level of satisfaction with the relationship.  While it’s normal for you to get comfortable as the relationship carries on and fall into a mundane daily routine, you want to continue adding spice to your relationship in order to keep things fresh and – well – fun!  Think about it, when was the last time you took time to enjoy one another’s company?  If you and your partner are feeling more like roommates than lovers, it might just be time to reintroduce a little play back into the relationship.

Check out the list below for ideas on how to add a little playfulness to your partnership.  Can’t find a babysitter for the night?  No problem.  Some of these ideas are great for the whole family.

20 Ways to Create Fun With Your Partner and Family

Join a league
Whether it’s soccer, bowling, or volleyball, joining a league gives you and your partner a weekly activity to engage in together.  Bonus: you can meet new people.

Go for a drive
Drive to a new town or no place in particular.  Going for a drive gives you uninterrupted time together.  Take along a list of questions or car games to engage one another.

Take a class
Maybe you’ve always wanted to moonlight as a chef or bartender.  If you and your partner have a weekend free, you could take a cooking class, learn to make cheese, discover the process of home brewing, or attend a do-it-yourself workshop at Home Depot.

Do something spontaneous
Try skydiving, going for a hot air balloon ride, or braving the zip line.  When you wake up in the morning, decide on an activity and go!

Try something new
Maybe it’s a new food, a new style of music, or activity.  When you and your partner try something new together, it can become a fun onetime thing or your new thing!

Read a book
Pick out a book and take turns reading to one another and discussing the plot.

Have a pillow fight
As you’re taking all the pillows off to turn down the bed, toss one playfully at your partner.  Your silly pillow fight might just end in some kissing and canoodling.

Move the couch and dance
Have a dance off in your living room.  You can really get crazy because no one is watching.  Try channeling your inner Baby and Johnny and recreate a scene from Dirty Dancing.

Binge watch your favorite show
Take a few hours or the weekend – no judgments – to catch up on your favorite show together or introduce your partner to a new show you discovered.  Just remember to binge responsibly.

Introduce a little healthy competition
Challenge each other!  See who can fold the laundry or win the race around the park.  Adding a little competition to anything you do will make it that much more fun.  Have prizes for a bonus.

Play strip poker
If cards aren’t your thing, any game will work.  Just mix up the rules and you and your partner are off to an intimate evening together.

Create a fort and camp in the living room
Forts aren’t just for kids.  Pull out all the blankets and pillows and create a cozy place to snuggle up for the night.

Buy a Groupon and give it a try
For those on a budget, Groupons are such a great way to get out of the house.  You can try a restaurant or activity for about half the original cost!

Try a new restaurant
Always wanted to try Ethiopian food but never gave it a go?  You and your partner can try a new food or restaurant to expand your palates.

Play a prank on one another
As long at it’s not over the top, pranks can add a little fun to the day.  Change the language setting on his cell phone or leave her a ransom note for her running shoes.

Picnic in the park
Spread out a blanket and some tapas.  Voila!

Go to a game
Cheap seats, sun, and your partner; does it get any better?  Checking out a baseball game this summer will give you the chance to get your tan on and catch up with your partner.

A canvas, a wall, or one another; painting allows you to unleash your creative side and your inner child for a little fun.  Hang your art in the bedroom for a reminder.

Give each other a massage
Light candles and pick up some body oil.  Take turns giving each other back or head massages to help release some of the tension from the day.

Plan your dream vacation
Whether or not you can afford to take a vacation right now, planning a dream vacation with your partner can be fun and give you a common goal to work toward together.

With summer already here, these 20 things will give you plenty of things to do during your downtime to make your summer more fun and more creative than ever!

Lori Dougherty is a Marriage and Family Counselor at The Marriage and Family Clinic in Denver, CO. As a marriage and family counselor, she helps couples navigate the many difficulties that arise in their relationship. She also helps couples rebuild happiness together so they can have the fulfilling relationship with their partner they’ve always wanted.

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