14 Ways to Say I Love You for Valentine’s Day: part 2

14 Ways to Say I Love You for Valentine’s Day: part 2

Many people feel stuck when they try to think of valentine’s gifts for their special someone. Everyone knows about the traditional box of chocolates, roses, and bottle of cologne/perfume but you can only do that so much before it gets old. And you don’t want to give your valentine a gift that you’ve already done before. That’s like saying I care about you just as much as I did last year. And you don’t want that. You want to tell your valentine that you love them even more than last year.

So a lot of people look for ideas that will tell their valentine just how much they really love them. They want something that’s romantic, sweet, thoughtful and sincere. In a previous post, I wrote about seven ways to say I love you to your Valentine. In that post, I mentioned that I would write a post with seven more coming. So here it is: seven additional ways to tell your spouse you love them this Valentine’s Day.

Seven More Ways To Tell Your Lover You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

1) Give a memory, not a gift. When you look back over your life, your lover will remember memories, not gifts. So instead of focusing on gifts to get your valentine, try to think of a memory to give them. For instance, you can go to that ski spot together that you like or have a valentine’s party with your friends.

2) Spice up their breakfast. Instead of just handing them a cup of coffee and toast put word hearts on their plate with special messages and cut their toast into the shape of hearts. Something small to show how much you care can mean big things.

3) Find an overnight babysitter. If you have kids with your valentine you know that finding quiet time alone is nearly impossible. So you may be tempted to think that you have to go out of the house to be alone. In fact, there’s something romantic about staying home just the two of you snuggled up in a place that you two built together – if you do it right. Find an overnight babysitter for the kids (this is where parents and other relatives come in handy) and decorate the house, make a great dinner and spend the night doing things you  couldn’t do with the kids around. Keep the T.V. off, take out the board games and pamper each other.

4) Download their favorite book on audiobook and listen to it together during a carpet picnic.  Instead of focusing on going out to have a good time together, make yourself a carpet picnic with each other’s favorite treats and download their favorite book on audiobook. Listen to the book on audiobook together. This way you can still talk to each other while having the picnic.

5) Relive your first date – but modernize it. Do you even remember your first date? Even if you don’t, there has to be one date that stands out to both of you. Relive that date in a modern way. If you went to an old pizza place back in college, find a nicer local pizza place. If you went roller skating, take them rollerblading. If there was a song playing, download the artist’s newest album to their ipod and listen to it together. When’s the last time you had such fun?

6) Don’t forget the obligatory flowers. I know, I know. I already said to think outside the box. But you can’t forget the obligatory flowers. But don’t just get roses. Get a unique arrangement to show how unique your valentine really is to you. If they have a favorite flower call your local florist and ask them to make an arrangement out of it. It’s amazing what they can come up with. And it’s usually a lot more meaningful (and a lot less $) than the dozen long stem roses that everyone else gets.

7) Anything from redenvelope.com. RedEnvelope is a site dedicated to personalized & unique gifts. You can get a silver spoon collection, box of chocolate covered strawberries or diamond bracelet from any big box store. But RedEenvelope personalizes it. It’s amazing some of the unique and personalized gift ideas they have. Check it out. But make sure you have time to kill. They have a lot of stuff.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is about your valentine. Make it about them by getting them something that says you love them. Follow that guideline for a gift and you can’t go wrong.

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