7 Ways to Prioritize your Spouse this Holiday Season

7 Ways to Prioritize your Spouse this Holiday Season

christmas-drinks-and-presentChristmas is just around the corner and several religions are already celebrating their winter festivities. If you’re like most people the winter holidays can be a time of chaos and stress. And in the middle of all the shopping and parties, it’s easy to forget the person who is most important to you. So if you haven’t spent some time snuggling up with your honey bunny you got some making up to do! But don’t worry, it’s not too late. There are dozens of things you can do with your spouse to celebrate the holiday season. Here are seven:

Ten Ways to Prioritize your Spouse this Holiday Season

  1. Take Them Shopping With You. You have a lot left on your shopping list. And it’s easiest just to swing by after work to pick something up but this takes time away from your spouse. So take them with you instead! Talk about the window displays and laugh about some of the funnier gifts on the racks.
  2. christmasHot Chocolate by The Tree. You spent a lot of time decorating the Christmas tree so you may as well enjoy it. Turn off the TV, turn down the lights, and turn on Pandora. It shows your spouse that you’re thinking about them and want to spend time with them.
  3. Go Ice Skating. This is one you see in all the movies, but have you ever done it? There’s a reason it’s in the movies. It’s tons of fun! It takes some time away from shopping but that’s the point! It shows your spouse they’re more important. Look up an ice rink in your town and go for a skate. If you don’t have an ice rink in your town, there are always artificial rinks going up this time of year.
  4. Go Sledding. This one might be a little more difficult depending where you live. If you’re in a snowy region you have to wait until after a good snow fall but the spontaneity is part of the fun!  It shows your spouse you’re willing to put things aside to do something silly with them.
  5. Keep your Spouse Close at Christmas Parties. Instead of going to the company Christmas party to shmooz your boss, dedicate some time to spend with your spouse. You can still shmooz but make sure you show your spouse that they’re number one by being around them most of the time.
  6. christmas-present-aBuy a Thoughtful Present. You have to buy a present for your spouse, but instead of getting the obligatory cologne/perfume, put some thought into their gift. You know your spouse better than anyone else. Think about what they would really like. You still have time to put something together.
  7. Wrap presents together. Wrapping presents is a pretty mindless task. And it’s not very fun. But you’ll be surprised what a difference it makes when you’re wrapping presents together. And the conversations you come up with while you’re wrapping will keep you entertained.

The holidays only come once a year but your spouse is with you for the rest of your life. Make sure you’re showing them that they’re important to you even through all the stress and chaos the season. These seven ideas are a great place to start, but don’t stop there! There are a lots of other ways to show them they’re number one in your life. Give it some thought and show them they’re the present you ever got!

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