10 Fun Summer Date Ideas

10 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Everyone knows that date night is important for you and your loved one. It’s one of the best ways to keep your love alive and keep your relationship out of lulls. And with all the stress from work and parenthood it’s a great way to connect as lovers and not just as roommates or parents. But even though everyone knows date night is important, not many couples routinely do a date night. In fact, as a marriage counselor,  it’s one of the most common things I hear couples that couples don’t do.

One of the most common reasons couples don’t do a date night isn’t what you’d think. It’s not because couples don’t have time (most couples would gladly turn off the TV to go out and do something fun together) or because it costs too much (even though most couples wish they had more money, most couples are more than happy just going to a park or doing something else that doesn’t cost any money). The most common reasons couples don’t do a date is because of a lack of planning. They just don’t put the effort into it to plan it out.
But couples don’t have to go to great lengths to plan out a date night. Like I said before, most couples are happy just to go to for a walk together. And summer is a great time to go on dates that are cheap, simple and don’t require a lot of planning. Below are ten great date ideas for you and your loved one this summer.

Ten Fun Summer Date Ideas

1) Lookout Point. Remember when you were teenagers and you’d just go and park at a lookout point? That’s not just for teenagers. Sure, you might feel a little silly when you’re parked by the rest of the teenagers but who cares? You’ll never see them again anyway and you don’t have to worry about getting caught or staying out past curfew like they do, so the joke’s on them.
2) Picnic at a Park. Summer weather is great. So take advantage of it and go out for a picnic. This takes a lot less planning than you’d think pick up a package of strawberries, chips and a couple of sandwiches from the deli at your grocery store and voila! You’re all set. Meet your lover for lunch or pick them up for a surprise picnic.
3) Star Gazing in the Back Yard. When was the last time you just star gazed? Take a blanket to throw down on the grass, look up at the stars and let your conversations drift along with the night sky. Make it funner by download an app like Google Sky and you can see all the constellations and planets, too.
4) Wine and Crackers at Sunset. With summer comes later nights. Depending where you are in your time zone, your sunset might not even happen until 8:30 or 9:00pm. Having some wine and crackers as you watch the sunset is a great after dinner activity for you and your lover. If you have kids, they’re already in bed, too so no need to find a babysitter.
5)  Reading A Book Together. I know what you’re thinking: reading a book together is lame. Usually, one person reads faster than the other or one of you wants to skip ahead. But reading a book together can be a lot of fun. Go outside, lay down on the grass or lean against a tree and read a short story to each other. The point isn’t to finish the book but to be together. And there’s nothing more relaxing than hearing the wind blow and smelling the grass while you do.
6) Rerun Marathon. All the good shows are showing their re-runs over the summer. Most broadcasting stations have a list of shows for the last month that you can watch again. And if you’re too late, you can always go to Netflix or Amazon to find last season’s episodes.
7) Drive-in Movie. Yes, they still exist. Just google your city name with ‘drive-in’ movie at the end and you’ll see one. The best part is, drive-ins don’t start until dusk so these are a great for last minute dates. Just grab a late dinner (or bring one with you via drive-thru) and catch a movie under the stars.
8) County Fairs. Even though county fair season isn’t quite here yet, there are still lost of town festivals and fairs going on. Go on to your city’s website and look on their calendar to see what festivals are coming up. Also you can look up neighboring city’s websites to see when their festivals are.
9) Catch a Concert at the Park. Summertime is great for the music industry. A lot of parks, malls and even coffee shops will have bands come to play to attract more customers. Lookup your local city park’s calendar or the nearest mall;s calendar and see if they have any concerts coming. Most of these are free and will last all night. Don’t worry if the band stinks, at least it’ll give you something to talk about.
10)  Go for a Bike Ride. When’s the last time you took those bikes in your garage out for a spin? Going on a bike ride doesn’t mean you have to make an exercise out of it. Go slow and talk along the way. Don’t know where to go? No problem! Talking about where to go is half the fun.
Don’t let the dog days of summer get you down. These ten ideas are a great start to fun dates this summer. You can also google ‘fun summer date ideas’ for a list of many more ideas for you and your loved one. You’ve heard that youth is wasted on the young, don’t let this summer go to waste, either. There are plenty of things to do in the summer to make your relationship rockin’. These date ideas are just a few.

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  1. I wish we had drive-in movies around here. They disappeared 25 years ago in my area. All of those ideas are not only romantic, but also inexpensive. Who says having a good time requires a lot of money?

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