Expert Marriage Counseling from a Team of Expert Marriage Counselors

Our counselors have the training and experience to help you tackle even the most difficult issues in your relationship. Each counselor has a wealth of experience helping individuals, couples and families. We want to help you overcome difficulties and challenges so you can live your best life in your best relationships

Aaron Anderson, M.S. LMFT  helps couples with a variety of difficult issues you may be facing in your marriage including frequent arguments, problems with intimacy and recovering after infidelity. Aaron helps you rebuild trust, overcome resentment and get your relationship back to feeling loving, caring and united again.

Michaela Standhart, M.A., MFTC focuses on showing couples how to create an empathetic and safe environment for each other in your relationship. She can help you and your partner reveal hidden emotions and help you establish a solid connection that you thought was only in the past. Michaela also specializes in helping individuals work through betrayal trauma so you can feel confident, secure and trust again.

Ryan Hicks, M.S. LMFT, LPC specializes in couples counseling. He shows couples how to break down barriers, share their struggles openly with each other and form a longer lasting bond with each other. He helps couples struggling with high conflict and can help you overcome personal trauma from your past that is showing up in your marriage..

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With offices in Westminster, we take pride in being the only clinic that specializes in relationships in the North Denver area.

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We Specialize in Family and Marriage Counseling

At The Marriage and Family Clinic We Specialize in Family and Marriage Counseling So you Can Rest Assured your Relationship is Getting the Specialized Attention You Need.

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