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Our counselors have the training and experience to help you tackle the issues that plague couple and family relationships. They have each earned their set of credentials by helping individuals, couples and families in need of guidance and counseling.

Aaron Anderson M.S., LMFT, helps couples with the difficult issues they face, including frequent arguments and problems with intimacy. Reaching out for help with these common marital problems can help you avoid the separation or divorce that may otherwise seem inevitable.

Chris Cummins focuses on showing couples how to create an empathetic and safe environment for each other in their relationship. He helps individuals reveal hidden emotions to establish a solid connection between both parties.

Ryan Hicks specializes in couples counseling. He shows couples how to share their struggles, break down barriers and form a longer lasting bond with each other.

Serving Westminster

With offices in Westminster, we take pride in being the only clinic that specializes in relationships in the North Denver area.

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We Specialize in Counseling for Families and Married Couples

At The Marriage and Family Clinic We Specialize in Family and Marriage Counseling So you Can Rest Assured your Relationship is Getting the Specialized Attention You Need.

Serving Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton and North Denver

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