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“Understanding is the key to growth, happiness, and peace, and that’s what therapy is all about – helping you find your own path to happiness.”


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Patricia is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters of Art in Marriage and Family Therapy. She believes that meaningful relationships are at the core of healing from wounds and maintaining healthy living. Patricia is passionate about supporting couples and families seeking to improve relationships and create harmony by using clinically tested and evidence-based interventions.

Patricia’s counseling experience includes in-home family therapy, parenting education and substance abuse recovery. As a therapist at a residential treatment facility she worked with mothers in recovery from severe drug addiction. Patricia provided support to the women and their families to identify unhealthy family interactions, address damaged/unhealthy relationships and regain trust on each other.

Patricia was born and raised in Brazil before starting her multicultural family in Colorado. She is dedicated to offering excellent care to individuals experiencing cultural conflicts within or outside their relationships. She is comfortable working with diverse populations and on a variety of relationship issues such as ineffective communication, unhealthy boundary concerns and loss of trust to name a few. Patricia wants to support people on improving quality of relationships and general well-being.

Patricia Focuses on


Couples Counseling

Patricia offers couples the opportunity to develop a strong partnership by identifying barriers, improving positive communication and correcting unhealthy interactions. She maintains a safe environment for couples to explore what they want in their relationship with each other.


Parenting Counseling and Support

Being a parent nowadays feels even harder than when we were children ourselves. Patricia offers parenting and child counseling that helps you understand child development stages and needs of children during important stages. She helps you know how to set healthy boundaries with your child(ren) using positive discipline and age-appropriate communication all the while improving the children’s self-esteem and the family’s interactions.


Substance Abuse Counseling

Addiction is a chronic disease that impacts you, your partner and your family. Patricia works with you and your loved one(s) to develop safe communication of feelings, establish healthy boundaries and create strategies for maintaining recovery so every person affected can heal.


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