Infertility Groups

Couple coping with infertilityOur infertility groups at The Marriage and Family Clinic are designed with you in mind: Couples and individuals who are struggling on the journey of infertility. Whether it’s IUI, IVF, donor egg/sperm, adoption, frequent miscarriages, or sterility, you’ll find someone at our support groups who knows what you’re going through. Not only will you find folks who know what you’re going through, but you will also learn steps to help make your journey easier from a qualified therapist who has been on the same journey as you. Our therapist Amber Groves will help you:

  • Stay close as a couple during treatments.
  • Learn how to handle disappointing doctor visits.
  • Learn how to address awkward and insensitive questions.
  • Manage your anxiety/anticipation around your period every month.
  • Understand how each gender copes with infertility & how to navigate it.
  • Juggle treatment along with your personal and professional life.

Stop avoiding baby showers and your friends with children. Call our clinic today to walk confidently on your journey with infertility. We only allow six couples (maximum of 12 people) at each group to keep class sizes small and focused on what YOU want to talk about. Classes are on the first Thursday of each month. The cost is $25/individual and $35/couple

Call us today to register for the group at 720-648-8285.

You can also go online to reserve your spot by clicking here:  Reserve Your Spot