Chris Cummins

“It is hard to be happy in your life when you are unhappy in your relationship. Couples therapy brings you closer to your partner but it is also an investment in your own happiness.”


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Chris Cummins is a couples therapist for The Marriage and Family Clinic specializing in marriage and couples counseling, healthy lifestyle goals, and substance abuse treatment. Chris received Bachelor’s degree at University of Nevada Las Vegas where he majored in Human Services Counseling and with minors in Family Studies and Addictions Treatment. He received his Master’s of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Regis University Through this education, Chris learned to treat a wide range of difficulties. Chris’ educational background has been rigorously focused towards gaining the knowledge and competencies to provide effective therapy for you.

Chris has extensive experience working with couples and families in various settings including: The Regis Center for Counseling and Family Therapy, substance abuse treatment centers, psychosocial rehabilitation, and as a family caseworker with Child Protective Services. Through Chris’ interactions with couples and families, Chris has found that relationship problems can be overcome through establishing mutual solutions and working together to overcome barriers that keep these solutions from fruition. Chris collaborates with you and finds strengths that will help you to achieve your goals for therapy.

Throughout Chris’ time working with different populations, Chris found his niche in couple’s therapy. Chris is passionate about helping you get through difficult times in your relationship whether the problems are related to substance abuse, affairs, sexual issues, constant arguments, financial disagreements, health-related goals, or other matters that are impacting your relationship. Chris works with you as a couple to address any issue in an environment that is welcoming and non-judgmental.

Chris Focuses on:


Marriage & Couples Counseling

In couple’s therapy, Chris creates a supportive environment that allows you and your partner to express yourseves and pursue your desires for your relationship so there is positive and lasting change.


Healthy Lifestyle Counseling

Not all therapy needs to be focused on fixing things. Sometimes you just want to accomplish more. For goals of a healthier lifestyle, Chris helps you to define and achieve your desired outcome. Chris will focus on your strengths and help you find solutions in order to maximize your progress.


Substance Abuse 

Chris has experience working in substance abuse treatment settings to address minor to severe substance use ranging from methamphetamine and heroin to alcohol and marijuana. Whether you’re hesitant about treatment or highly motivated. Chris meets you where you are at in order to provide support and move towards recovery.